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How Child Support is Figured Out in Michigan (Pt 2)

It may feel like they’re taking everything you’ve got (and more!) but there’s an equation the court is following here… Welcome back and thanks for joining us. We’ve been looking at the subject of child support and how it’s figured out in Michigan. In the previous article, we broke down the three most commonly used […]

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The Truth About Your Finances After Divorce!

After divorce, it’s pretty common for everyone’s standard of living to go down somewhat, because your finances have to stretch to cover more. For people who are unhappy in their marriages, when they think about getting divorced, they tend to focus on the freedom they’ll have when it’s all over. And that makes sense. After […]

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Should One of us Get The House After The Divorce, or Should we Sell it And Split The Profits?

For most couples, their house is their largest asset and will require some serious deciding when it comes to figuring out how to divide it during a divorce. Getting divorced, especially after a long marriage, means pulling apart two lives that have become inextricably woven together. The memories you’ve shared, the debts you’ve collected, the […]

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I've probably only left two or three reviews in my life, it takes something or someone exceptional for me to do this. Charles Kronzek is a perfect example of someone exceptional. Charles has helped our family numerous times over the last eight years. He is beyond generous with his time, seems to work all hours of the day, and is willing to explain every potential outcome no matter how many times I ask. While calls to legal counsel are often some of the most stressful times in life, I have never once left his office or a call with him feeling uncertain about the best possible path forward. You have earned our business many times over. Thank you Charles.

John on Facebook, 2017

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