The Infidelity Age Is On The Rise!

Older people are now cheating on their spouses more than ever before!


This title might have led you to believe that we are in an era of rising of infidelity. Which, unsurprisingly, is true. But that isn’t what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about is the actual age of people engaging in infidelity. Curious? We were too. Especially when we read the recent results of the General Social Survey, which shows that older people are becoming more and more unfaithful in their marriages, while young people are cheating less.


According to the research conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, the number of seniors engaging in extramarital affairs has risen steadily in recent years. In fact, at the most recent count, 20% of older survey participants confessed to cheating on their spouses, while only a surprising 14% of people under 55 admitted to unfaithfulness.


Since 1991, participants in this annual survey have been asked whether or not they’ve had sex with someone other than their spouses since getting married. What’s fascinating is how the groupings have changed over the years in their responses.


Another interesting fact is that these statistics could not be explained by any type of sociodemographic differences. Age, race, ethnicity, education levels and even income didn’t affect the data. For reasons that weren’t apparent to the researchers, people in their golden years are having more affairs.


So that begs the question… why?


Why are so many senior cheating on their spouses these days? What’s changed that has made having an affair at 58, or 65, or even 70, a much more viable option? In truth, there are no hard and fast answers, but there’s a lot of speculation…


One suggestion was that with the affordability and availability of erectile dysfunction drugs, engaging in regular and satisfying sex is now possible for many more people. Another suggestion is that this generation was raised by the “free love” parents of the sixties and as a result, having “rebelled” against their upbringing by pursuing monogamy for decades, they are now finally coming around to a little sexual discovery of their own.


The truth is, no one knows for sure. One likely player in the game is the internet. Twenty years ago, having an affair meant clandestine meetings with a secretary after work under the guise of “working late.” Now, however, people are free to cheat from the comfort of their livingrooms, and the options are so much broader. So what now?


For a growing number of older couples, the answer to that question is divorce. “Grey divorce”, or as it is sometimes referred to – ‘silver divorce’, is a growing phenomenon across our country. More and more people are ending their marriages in their retirement years. Some of that may be due to the rise in extramarital affairs being pursued by older people these days. Or perhaps it’s simply because the stigma is shrinking and the expectations are changing. Either way, late life divorce is on the rise.


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