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In Michigan, it is possible for your parental rights to be terminated. This means that you are no longer allowed to be the parent of your child or, in some cases, any future children that you may have. Terminating parental rights will mean relinquishing legal and physical custody of your children to the court. It will be as though you are no longer alive when it comes to your minor children.


A Michigan court can terminate your parental rights if you have endangered, deserted, or severely abused or neglected your minor child.


Terminating your parental rights will surely  change your life. What’s more, fighting to keep your parental rights can be very difficult because the law places tight timelines on when you need to take action.


If you miss the date for appealing the termination of your parental rights, then you could lose them forever. If you think your parental rights might be taken away, then you don’t have time to waste. Call our Aggressive Parental Rights advocates today at 517-886-1000 or contact us online.


Because termination of parental rights has such serious consequences, you need to make sure you thoroughly understand the subject and that you have an expert attorney to guide you. It is also possible to voluntarily give up your parental rights in some cases. Even if you decide to terminate your parental rights, termination is, in most cases, an irreversible decision – except in those very rare instances when there is a successful appeal.


You should know exactly what you are doing and you have to be absolutely sure that this is the path you want to take.


In Michigan, a parent cannot simply “sign off” of a child to avoid paying child support. That is not an option for termination of parental rights.


Over the decades, our team of family law attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have dealt with many cases involving the termination of parental rights. If your case involves a Children’s Protective Services (CPS) investigation, our CPS defense attorneys in Michigan are also extensively experienced  in this area.


We deal with CPS on close to a daily basis and our tough CPS defense attorneys have the experience it takes to stand up to CPS investigators. We are ready to help you fight to keep your parental rights!


Nobody really ever wants to navigate through the court system to resolve a family dispute. Or pay the expense of doing so. Sometimes it's just necessary. I made the decision to bite the bullet and hire a good attorney rather than a budget attorney. I have no regrets.

Chuck Kronzek is an excellent and experienced attorney who is well respected by his peers, as well as judges. That goes a long way in achieving success. We went on a very long and extremely frustrating journey to accomplish what we set out to do. My legal counsel definitely "counseled" me along the way. But always left the decisions up to me. My phone calls and emails were always returned within hours. He and his paralegal Kim, always made me feel like a high priority. Top notch professionals!

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