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Things Your Narcissistic Spouse Won’t be Able to Handle During The Divorce (Pt 2)

Welcome back and thanks for joining us. In the previous article we talked about narcissists in a divorce situation, and a few things your average narcissistic spouse won’t take kindly to during the divorce process (specifically rejection, shame and guilt, and failure.) But those certainly aren’t the only things narcissists have a hard time with […]

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Things Your Narcissistic Spouse Won’t be Able to Handle During The Divorce (Pt 1)

Getting a divorce is hard. That’s a fact even if the spouses parting ways are average, ordinary folks, with no “special circumstances” complicating their divorce process. But when your spouse is a narcissist your divorce is likely to be even more challenging than the average. Why? Because narcissistic people, by their very nature, complicate things. […]

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Divorce in Orthodox Jewish Communities: What to do When Your Faith Denies You a Divorce.

Traditional Judaism frowns on divorce in most cases, so getting a divorce can be very hard, especially if you’re a woman and need the permission of your husband. Divorce might be legal, and even commonplace, in the United States today, but that doesn’t mean it’s accepted in every community. Some communities – primarily religious ones […]

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Back to School After Break For Newly Divorced Families Means a New Routine! (Pt 1)

Many children struggle with their parent’s divorce, and it can affect their school performance. Getting divorced means starting life over in so many ways. But for those of you out there with school-aged kids, a divorce changes almost everything about your parenting experience. Suddenly you’re doing this on your own, yet – assuming you’re sharing […]

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I have hired Stephanie service to represent me in both my custody case and a cps case against my husband and I !! Stephanie is amazing ! She will stay up til midnight if need be just to make sure she is fully prepared! The saying "communication is key" sure does apply to her !! I have contact with Stephanie at least once a day even if just to touch base and see if either one of us have had any updates on anything or have had any contact with anyone ! She will drive to your home if any type of investigation calls for cps or law enforcement needs to make a visit !! I would strongly recommend Stephanie Service to anyone! You will not be let down or disappointed!!
Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do for my children and I ! It is greatly appreciated!!

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