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What is Supervised Parenting Time?

The idea of having time with your children while you are being supervised or observed is likely unsettling, but a court can order supervised parenting time to parents under when it believes that it will best serve the children. Supervised parenting time happens when a court thinks there have been, or there could be behaviors that […]

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Parenthood & Marriage – The Millennial Perspective

As few as two generations ago (and for most of history before that) marriage followed by parenthood were milestones on the road of life that most people aspired to. But those facts are changing. With changes in generational perspectives happening so quickly these days, more and more people are restructuring their priorities. Which means assigning […]

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Getting Custody of Your Kids (Part 2)

  In part one of this series on gaining custody of your children, we looked at how a custody agreement is usually reached, and what the court considers important when changing custody agreements. Moving on, we’re going to look at what determining factors the court uses to make custody decisions.   First, a Friend of […]

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Getting Custody of Your Kids (Part 1)

  If we had a nickel for every time we heard a parent say “I want custody of my kids,” the floor of our office building would probably have collapsed under the weight of all those coins. Parents are parents. They don’t want to give up their kids, if they can possible help it. And […]

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