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  • Divorcing Someone With Paranoid Personality Disorder: What You Need to Know

    We’ve talked a lot in recent years here on The Kronzek Firm’s family law blog, about narcissism. But the truth is, that’s not the only personality disorder that can complicate a divorce and add serious conflict to the process of a divorce or custody case here in Michigan. There are numerous others that can make […]

  • Can You Develop PTSD From Getting Divorced?Some Experts Say Yes You Can!

    When most people think of PTSD sufferers, they think of soldiers returning from a war zone, rape victims, and other assault survivors. Perhaps even victims of highly traumatic encounters, like school shootings or terrorist attacks. While all of those examples are entirely valid, the truth is that you don’t have to survive something on par […]

  • What You Need to Know About Coercive Control (Pt 1)

    Getting divorced is tough. That’s certainly the case for anyone leaving a life partner, especially if they’ve been together a long time, or there are children involved. But disentangling your life from a controlling and emotionally abusive partner is a whole different kettle of fish. If you’re getting divorced, and your spouse has used coercive […]

  • My Ex Says We Shouldn’t Vaccinate Our Kids Against Covid, But I Disagree!

    If you ever want to see a party go from a group of happy people chatting amongst themselves, to a WWF fight in five minutes, ask someone loudly about their thoughts on vaccinations. The decision to vaccinate (or not vaccinate) your children is a very controversial topic here in Michigan. From St John’s and Portland, […]

  • What a Great Divorce Lawyer Really Looks Like (Pt 2)

    Hi there and welcome back to this discussion about what a great divorce attorney really looks like, versus just a ‘good’ lawyer. Because as we pointed out in the first article, good is certainly better than ‘meh’ (and you absolutely don’t ever want a ‘meh’ attorney handling your divorce!). But there’s a big difference between […]

  • Does Domestic Violence Really Get Worse During The Holidays?

    Domestic violence is a problem all year round. Unfortunately, there is no season where it doesn’t happen. But there are definitely seasons where it seems to get worse, and many say that’s the case during the holidays. The Christmas season in particular is said to be a time of increased domestic assault cases, both in […]

  • My Ex And I Both Want The Dog After The Divorce! Who Gets to Keep Him?

    People love their fur babies! So while it can be frustrating to figure out who gets to keep the living room furniture, or the retirement account, deciding who gets the dog can result in some pretty savage arguments when both people want the dog. So what do you do? How do you decide which one […]

  • How The Court Defines “Domestic Violence” Could Impact Your Michigan Custody Case in the Future!

    A recent Michigan Court of Appeals ruling on a custody case out of Monroe County has potential implications for other custody battles in future, where the issue of domestic violence comes up. Specifically, how the court defines ‘domestic violence’, and how that interpretation could affect the way you discipline your children or interact with their […]

  • Should Your New Partner Discipline Your Children? (Pt 2 )

    Welcome back and thanks for joining us here at The Kronzek Firm. We’ve been talking about the challenge many divorced parents face when their new partners take on the role of a disciplinarian with their children. As we mentioned in the previous article, there are a lot of factors that will influence whether or not […]

  • Getting Your Marriage Annulled in Michigan

    We want to start this by telling you right up front that annulments are hard. The courts are reluctant to grant them unless you can prove that you really deserve one, and that can be very challenging. You are going to be forced to discuss your very private business in a very public forum, which […]