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Does Divorce Litigation Mean a Trial?

Many people are seeking a divorce in Mid-Michigan but are concerned about the time and money involved. Their question is whether their divorce case has to end with a trial in court?  The quick answer is no. There is certainly not a one-size-fits-all formula for a divorce, but there are many circumstances that lead to […]

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Did Your Narcissistic Spouse Ruin The Holidays (Again)? Are You Finally Ready to File For Divorce?

There are many, many reasons why being married to a narcissist is an awful experience. In addition to the ‘walking-on-eggshells’ reality that makes up every minute of your day, you have to put up with being verbally abused, undermined, and emotionally attacked on a regular basis. And don’t forget the ongoing gaslighting that makes up […]

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Can You Develop PTSD From Getting Divorced?Some Experts Say Yes You Can!

When most people think of PTSD sufferers, they think of soldiers returning from a war zone, rape victims, and other assault survivors. Perhaps even victims of highly traumatic encounters, like school shootings or terrorist attacks. While all of those examples are entirely valid, the truth is that you don’t have to survive something on par […]

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