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Common Law and Common Problems

The Kronzek Firm  More and more couples are deciding to skip the marriage part and just play house. The economic costs of marriage may seem to outweigh the economic gains to some people. A lot of times, unmarried couples in Michigan remain together for a long time. Many couples consider themselves married even when they […]

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Prenuptial Agreements in Michigan 

The Kronzek Firm  For many of us, we think of prenups as something that serial divorcees and rich people use. While this can be the case, prenups may be useful for everyday partners considering marriage. Prenuptial agreements are sometimes called antenuptial agreements here in Michigan.  Prenups aren’t a tool to facilitate divorce. Rather, they are […]

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Safe And Smooth Child Visitation Exchanges

Getting along with your ex can be so tough! According to the United States Census Bureau, there are many more divorces than there are other types of marriage dissolution. It is not shocking then, that divorces and separation of partners, can cause difficult relationships.  These difficult relationships are even harder when there are kids involved. […]

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Fact or Fiction: Divorce Spikes in January

From September to December, all across Michigan, people are celebrating holidays, traditions, and time together. For some couples, all this “together time” can spell trouble for their relationship. Many law firms note the uptick in divorce cases being filed following the holiday season. But why is there this trend happening here in Ingham and Clinton […]

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