A Dismissed Sexual Assault in Michigan Is Messing up a Florida Custody Case! (Pt 1)

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This child custody case, which spans two states and provides a great example of how the ripple effects of one local case can impact the lives of people across the country, is an incredibly interesting one. If you follow Michigan news, then you already know about former Assistant Attorney General Brian Kolodziej and the allegations against him, which are affecting his Florida custody battle.

Kolodziel is alleged to have had an inappropriate relationship with one of the victims in a case he oversaw as the lead prosecutor in an Isabella County case. The allegations resulted in an investigation by MSP into possible misconduct in office, and the decision by Attorney General Dana Nessel to dismiss several of Kolodziel’s cases, including one criminal case in Oakland County involving sexual assault by a police officer.

The officer involved in the sexual assault is now involved in a custody case in Florida

Sean MacMaster, a former Detroit police officer, and his 71-year-old stepfather, Larry Orr, were charged in 2019 with the sexual assault of MacMaster’s daughter, back when she was 4 years old. But MacMasters and Orr both denied the allegations, claiming that the entire case was nothing more than a fabrication by MacMaster’s ex wife, Johanna MacMaster, who apparently wanted more parenting time.

Both MacMaster and Orr took three separate polygraph tests each, and passed all of them with flying colors. Also, numerous forensic interviews with the child revealed no evidence of sexual assault, and the child never revealed anything that might allude to abuse of any kind. Investigations conducted by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, specialized Carehouse forensic interviewers, Child Protective Services, and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office all found no evidence abuse. So what gives?

Custody battles can get really ugly when parents don’t agree!

As this case clearly shows, when parents don’t agree on parenting time and custody, it can get really unpleasant. False allegations are sometimes made, and terrible accusations dragged out in court. People’s reputations can be ruined, and children get caught up in epic struggles that have a very detrimental effect on their mental and emotional health. And that’s where a good attorney can make all the difference.

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