Michigan Child Custody Laws

Child custody cases can be the most stressful and important cases faced by parents in Lansing and all over Mid-Michigan. Issues like money and property can seem trivial when compared to the importance of keeping your rights and safeguarding your children. Therefore, these cases require a legal team that will treat your case with the care and vigor that it deserves. That means hiring a custody attorney with decades of proven experience and success in Ingham County, Eaton, County, Clinton County and Jackson County. Our family law lawyers help clients all over mid Michigan. 

 Michigan Child Custody Act of 1970 (MCCA 1970)

MCCA 1970 sets out the rights given to minor children in Michigan, including items such as custody and parenting time. This law is an important source for most issues regarding child custody in the state of Michigan. It seeks to determine what is in the best interest of a child by balancing a 12-point test (explained here). Our child custody law assumes that the best interests of the child are served by awarding custody to a parent known to the child rather than a third party or agency. Understanding this law is just one of the difficulties that accompany child custody cases here in Michigan. The law is complex and subject interpretation and re-interpretation often. It is the subject of many, many custody battles here in Mid Michigan. Fortunately, our family court judges in and around Lansing, Eaton County, Clinton County, Jackson, and Ingham County are pretty experienced and skilled in resolving custody disputes. 

 Child Custody Cases are Complex

Child custody cases are very fact specific, which is why you need a highly skilled legal team of family law attorneys behind you to get the best outcome. Something as simple as failing to properly file a motion can leave you with no recourse to file in the future. With such complicated procedures, you must have a custody attorney who handles child custody cases often and will not be confused. Not having the best representation can cost you custody rights, parenting time, or grandparent visitation. Ethical issues can also taint a case if there are conflicts of interest such as having too much interaction with involved non-clients. These oversights can fatally damage your case before it even goes in front of the judge or the Friend of the Court. To avoid problems with your case, you must be familiar with the litigation experience of your attorney. Having the right attorney in your divorce or custody case is critical. We offer a free initial consultation where we can get to know each other and you can ask questions that deal with our decades of experience. At The Kronzek Firm, we know what is required by law and we have the experience to handle these cases. We will not be lost in the procedure of the law! In fact, we’ve done this hundreds of times since the last century. 

 Alternative Dispute Resolution

We understand that you may want to avoid the courtroom, and several other options can be considered. The vast majority of our cases are resolved without need for the judge to make a ruling. We will gather information during our initial interviews to determine what the best method of dispute resolution is for your case. Our family law attorneys are familiar with these alternative resolution methods because we routinely handle these cases and we can make them work for you!  We can help you. 

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