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Michigan Child Custody Laws

Child custody is an area of law that requires the utmost vigilance. The outcome of the trial in this instance would not be money, assets, property, or the dissolution of a marriage. The outcome of litigation in Child Custody cases is the rights you will have in regards to your son and/or daughter. These cases require the utmost care, as well as a legal team with the highest moral character. Ethical issues can run rampant including conflict of interests and tainting of the case by having too much interaction with involved non-clients. These oversights can fatally damage your case before it ever goes in front of the judge.


Michigan Child Custody Act of 1970 (MCCA 1970)

Child custody related issues are embodied in the Michigan Child Custody Act of 1970. This document is the source for all inquiries regarding child custody in the state of Michigan. This collection of statutes operates under the assumption that the best interests of the child are served in awarding custody to a parent known to the child rather than a third party or agency. Under Section 3 of the MCCA 1970 the court determines that the best interests of the child are found by balancing a 12-point test (found and explained here.)


The Nuances of Child Custody cases.

When picking an attorney or legal team, you must be familiar with the litigation history of your attorney. We offer a free initial consultation in which we get to know you, and you can know us, and ask questions that deal with this history. The procedure in a Child Custody case is highly nuanced; failure to properly file a motion, for instance, can leave you with no recourse to file in the future. An attorney who does not handle many child custody cases can simply become confused by the procedure. This could cost you your case, your custody rights, or even Grandparent Visitation. At The Kronzek Firm, we are very familiar with what is required by law and handle many of these cases. We will not be lost in the procedure of the law!


Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are several other options that can be utilized to keep your case out of the trial courtroom. We will gather the necessary information required during our initial interviews. This will help us determine the best method of dispute resolution that will leave you, our client, with the best chance of succeeding and getting the outcome you desire. This is something that only a lawyer who routinely handles these cases can do. We are familiar enough with these alternative resolution methods to make them work for you and get the outcome you seek – namely the custody of your child!


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