A Dismissed Sexual Assault in Michigan Is Messing up a Florida Custody Case! (Pt 2)

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Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. We’ve been looking at a really interesting situation, where a sexual assault case here in Michigan, dismissed because the prosecutor is accused of misconduct in office because of a separate and unrelated case, is now affecting the way a Florida custody case is being handled. As we mentioned in the previous article, many of former Assistant Attorney General Brian Kolodziej’s cases have come under scrutiny recently.

As a result, the sexual assault case against Sean MacMaster, and his 71-year-old stepfather, Larry Orr was dismissed. Although, many would say that it should never have been filed in the first place. CPS, police and the prosecutor’s office all investigated and found no evidence of abuse, and the alleged victim – a 4-year-old girl, never said a word about it herself, despite repeated interviews by forensic investigators.

There is evidence to suggest that sexual abuse allegations in Florida were fabricated!

Just days after making the initial allegations against MacMasters, Joanna is captured on tape telling him that if he terminates his parental rights, she will drop the charges. She referred to this as her “gift” to him. “Right now you have the opportunity to make this go away. Do you understand that?” she says on the tape. When the Oakland County prosecutor’s office refused to file charges against MacMaster, she made another separate complaint the following day against MacMaster’s step-father.

However, this also didn’t initially go as she’d planned, and once again the prosecutor’s office refused to file charges. The custody battle continued in Florida, where Joanna worked very hard to get MacMaster to give up any claim he had to his daughter. Joanna also took her daughter to a counselor where the girl alleged abuse, but the therapist later told the court the child was coached by her mother, and the claims weren’t sincere. But in the end, Joanna got her way – almost – as the charges were filed and later dismissed. So now what?

Custody battles can be very difficult to navigate, wherever you live

At a recent custody hearing in Alachua County, Florida, Family Court Judge James Nilon explained to Joanna why he couldn’t consider the dismissed sexual assault investigation from Michigan as part of the evidence. “They had a bad prosecutor. And yet you’re asking me to look at the investigation and that prosecution as if it had integrity …and it’s fraught with red flags that it did not have integrity.” Unless Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel shows up in his courtroom to explain it all, he says he simply won’t consider it.

This case is a classic example of how complex and stressful custody battles can be. This case has been ongoing for years and has still not reached a resolution, and all the while two men’s reputations have been ruined and one child has been caught up in a very ugly fight. Here at The Kronzek Firm, our skilled and experienced family law attorneys can help you navigate the difficulties of a high conflict divorce, and achieve the best possible outcome in your situation. Call 866 766 5245 today to schedule your free consultation.