Brandy Thompson

Brandy ThompsonBrandy is modest. Which is why she’ll probably never tell you about the fact that, in addition to being an astoundingly good attorney and partner in the Kronzek Firm, she volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader for both of her daughter’s troops.

She also regularly supports the Capital Area Humane Society, E.V.E’s House, and Girl Scout Community Outreach. And when she’s not busy working or volunteering, she still manages to find time to hang out with her family. Which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows her. Because Brandy loves her family more than macaroni loves cheese!

She talks to her mom on the phone several times every week, hangs out with her sister regularly, and loves nothing more than shopping and spa days with her daughters. As for her husband, (who she describes as her rock) they met over 20 years ago in college and have been in love ever since. In fact, family is at the center of everything Brandy does, which is why she is such a dedicated family law attorney. Whether it’s a contentious custody battle, a highly charged divorce, or a difficult CPS case, Brandy puts the family first. And her clients love her for it!

As a family law and CPS attorney, Brandy believes that ‘family’ lies at the center of everything that matters (they don’t call it ‘family law’ for nothing, you know!) Brandy loves to solve conflicts, and help her clients find the solutions that work best for them. She’s helped countless people work through their divorces, and come out the other side with settlements and custody agreements that work well for all their loved ones. She offers clients various ways to settle disputes, and encourages parents to work through their differences, in order to better parent their children during times of stress. Likewise, she’s helped countless families stay together despite CPS trying to tear them apart.

In fact, helping people is all in a day’s work for Brandy, because she is a definite people-person. How can we tell? Well, she goes to sports events even though she’s not really a sports fan. Why, you ask? Because the energy of the crowd and the chance to be with a huge group of people, is an opportunity too good to pass up! It’s one the many things about Brandy Thompson that makes her such a good attorney – her passion for people, and her desire to see them overcome obstacles and thrive.

Interestingly, Brandy’s life plans didn’t always include being a lawyer. As a child she wanted to be a vet. In fact, she loves animals so much that her mother organized with a local veterinarian for Brandy to “shadow” him for a week. That way she could get a feel for the job. Well, what she got instead was a hefty dose of reality. By the end of the week, after the vet had put down several animals out of necessity, Brandy came to the conclusion that animal medicine just wasn’t her calling in life. So she moved on to life goal #2, which just happened to be the law. (Lucky us!)

Brandy did her undergraduate degree at Lake Superior State University where she majored in Political Science and Pre-Law, (and graduated Magna Cum Laude) before heading off to MSU to get her law degree. Since then she’s worked in the Victim/Witness Unit at the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office, served as the Vice President of Family Defense Attorneys of Michigan, and become a member of the Tri-County Family Lawyers Association and the Eaton County Bar Association. Her love of the law, just like her passion for people, is what gets her out of bed in the morning. (That and a good cup of joe!) But it’s also what makes her the fabulous attorney that we’re so proud to have on our team.