Can The Legalization of Marijuana Affect Your Custody Agreement in Michigan?

Cannabis flower
Michigan’s recent vote legalizing pot could affect your future child custody agreement!

For many, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan was a long-awaited victory. An opportunity to tell the federal government (yet again) that they’re not in compliance with the will of the people, and a chance to indulge in something that they didn’t believe should carry a prison sentence! But not everyone felt that way.

With the detrimental effects that marijuana use has on children and teens – specifically on their developing brains – many parents were very concerned. Will the readily available recreational drug, now legal in homes across Michigan, lead to increased cases of child neglect? Or will it simply mean more child neglect allegations, as the use of recreational marijuana provides divorcing parents with one more tool they can use to manipulate custody agreements in their favor?

How could recreational pot affect a custody agreement?

Picture this. You were an occasional recreational pot user before the drug became legal. Not often, and never around your kids. But once in awhile, with friends, you and your spouse got a little high. But now that it’s legal, you think you might invest in a little safe you can keep tucked away beneath your bed, where you’ll keep a joint or two for those really rough days. Only outside, of course! And only after the kids have gone to bed! (You don’t plan on being a bad example when your kids are around!)

But now that you’re getting divorced, your spouse’s attitude to the whole thing has changed. Suddenly they’re claiming they hardly ever smoked with you, and when they did it was only because they felt pressured to participate. But suddenly they’re making out like you’re a barely functional “pothead” – someone who can’t go a couple of days without getting high. Someone who can’t cope with stress, and will be a bad influence on your children. And the court is listening!

The court frowns on parents who neglect their kids in favor of drugs!

Judges don’t look kindly on parents who abuse drugs in front of their children, prioritize their drug habits above their children’s care, and don’t make an effort to be involved in their children’s lives. And while you may be guilty of none of these things, that won’t stop your spouse from lying about them if they think it’ll give them an edge in the coming custody battle!

People have been known to concoct the wildest allegations in order to get the custody arrangement they want in a divorce. Everything from claims of sexual abuse to stories about domestic violence, are commonplace in high conflict divorces. And when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, we don’t expect it’ll be anything other than a tool of manipulation when it crops up in future divorces.

Make sure you have a good attorney on your side!

False allegations can turn ugly fast! An unfounded claim made with the intention of getting a favorable custody agreement (and therefore a larger child support payment!) can quickly lead to CPS investigations, and even criminal charges! So make sure that when you choose a divorce attorney to help you through your high conflict divorce, you choose one that can handle the coming storm!

At The Kronzek Firm, our skilled family law attorneys do a lot more than just divorces. We have decades of experience handling CPS investigations, and even criminal charges relating to child abuse and neglect. No matter what comes your way during this process, we can handle it. So call us today at 866 766 5245 and get the help you need from the people who can make a difference!