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    Perhaps you are wondering about your rights to share custody or parenting time of a child of a same-sex relationship? This is a hot topic in Michigan right now because, as of May 2023, there is a current case before the Michigan Supreme Court dealing with that very issue.  Now that same sex couples are […]

  • Should I Consider a Nesting Agreement for Parenting Time?

    When parents physically separate, it is stressful in itself for both the father and the mother, and most especially for their children. Other than the stress of the decision to change the family structure, there is more stress involved in finding one or possibly two new homes and determining when the children will be traveling […]

  • Tips For Starting Life Over After The Decision to Get a Divorce (Pt 1)

    Getting divorced is tough. Emotionally, legally, financially, and on just about every other front as well. But as if that isn’t enough, now you’ve got to move out and start life over. And it’s not just the packing and relocating that’s time consuming and frustrating. You have to figure out what you can take and […]

  • My ex is Getting Remarried! Why am I Having Such a Hard Time With it?

    So your ex is getting remarried. What are you experiencing right now? Are you sad? Angry? Feeling abandoned (and feeling confused about why you feel abandoned because you thought you’d already processed all these feelings?). It can be a confusing time, with a lot of emotional reactions running through your mind.  Some people experience relief. […]

  • Divorcing a Narcissist is a Neverending Nightmare!

    If you follow the blog here on our mid-Michigan divorce website, then you’ve probably read several articles already on narcissism, and how incredibly destructive it is to both a marriage, and the divorce process. But what many people don’t realize is that just because you’re planning to divorce your narcissistic spouse, doesn’t mean there’s light […]

  • After Your Divorce, Remember to Deal With Your Health Insurance!

    As if there isn’t already enough on your plate during a divorce! On top of the stress and emotional strain, you have an endless list of things that need to be done. Like the piles of papers you need to sort through to find that one document for your attorney. Or setting up new bank […]

  • Should Your New Partner Discipline Your Children? (Pt 1)

    This is a highly contested subject – the issue of whether or not a parent’s new partner has any right to discipline their children. And not to confuse the subject anymore, but the truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. There are a number of factors that come into play here, and have an influence […]

  • How Soon After a Divorce Can I Start Dating Again if I Have Kids? (Pt 2)

    Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this conversation on dating after divorce. We’re hoping to provide some insight based on our experiences working with countless Michigan parents over the years, as they navigate their divorces, and also the wisdom of mental health experts we’ve talked to. As we mentioned in the previous article, […]

  • How Soon After a Divorce Can I Start Dating Again if I Have Kids? (Pt 1)

    People tend to have strong views on how long it’s “proper” to wait after a divorce before starting a new relationship or even entering the dating game. And when you have kids, that can get even more complicated. The truth is, there is no hard and fast answer for when it’s acceptable to get your […]

  • Why Your Narcissistic Ex Will Try to Ruin The Holidays! (Pt 1)

    It isn’t a question of whether or not your narcissistic ex will try to ruin the holidays – you already know them well enough to know that’s a given. Of course, they’ll try to wreck the holidays! That’s just the kind of person they are. But what might have you scratching your head (or maybe […]