Co-parenting: A Lesson From One Celebrity Couple

This celebrity family has set a great example for how to coparent after a divorce.


When someone says “Ben Affleck,” you probably think great movies. (Or not… a few have argued that anyone who appeared in Gigli should have their head checked.) From Dazed and Confused, and Chasing Amy, to The Town and Gone Girl, Affleck has hit a few movie home runs. Jennifer Garner, his long-time spouse, is no slouch either. While the pair have since parted ways, they’ve provided an admirable blueprint for how to coparent properly.


Although the couple released a statement a few months ago announcing their divorce, they say they are committed to going forward with love and freindship. One of their primary concerns? Coparenting their children as well as they possible can. Which is good news for their three kids Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, as well as for the people who look up to them as examples of how to put your children first after a divorce.


At the L.A. premiere of his new film, “The Accountant,” Affleck mentioned his and Garner’s approach to coparenting in a few interviews. He called her a great mom, and mentioned the fact that he leaves things like homework to her because “My areas of expertise with the kids [are] spotty at best. I only play an accountant in the movie. In real life, I’m badly wanting.”


In a separate interview, Garner told “Today” host Natalie Morales that she and Affleck are still close friends. She also explained that when it comes to the children, you have to put family first. “It has to be.” she said, “You don’t have a choice.”


Although they officially parted ways in July of 2015, Affleck and Garner’s commitment to coparenting well is truly inspiring. They spent this past summer in Europe together as a family while Affleck was filming “The Justice League.” While there were rumors of the couple getting back together, this was clearly swept aside by a source who told Us magazine that “They’re co-parenting and showing the kids Europe while he’s there filming. That’s all it is and they’re happy with this arrangement.


Another sign of this divorcing couple’s commitment to their children can be seen in their living arrangements. In 2009 they purchased a 8,800-sq.-ft. estate in Los Angeles, California. Although they officially separated in mid-2015 and announced their divorce a few months ago, they both still live on the property in order to be available to their children.


Once the pair had their first child they arranged a schedule where only one of them would be involved in a film at a time. This way there was always one parent available to the kids. Sources have told the media that the couple intends to file for joint custody, so we can expect this trend to continue.


Celebrities, while they have the added benefits of wealth and all the pluses that confers, also battle with unique challenges that few of us ‘mortals’ ever experience. A total loss of privacy being one, and the fact that their most personal family and parenting decisions are scrutinized by the media and the public. Nonetheless, Affleck and Garner have set a wonderful example of how to parent properly, even when your marriage is coming apart at the seams.


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