Custody And Visitation Are All About Your Kids – So Keep The Focus on Them!

Sometimes, when the divorce gets to be too much, or the conflict between you and your ex gets out of hand, the issue of custody and visitation can sometimes become more about leverage than about the kids. We see this quite often here in Lansing and in the surrounding areas. Same old story in Charlotte, Ionia, Livingston and St. Johns. But when you think about it, that’s not the point. Your time with your children needs to be about your kids, and not about anything else. 

A young boy and girl peeking over a hedge and laughing.

The point of parenting time and child custody is to allow the bond between kids and their parents to flourish. Why? Because kids need their parents. Both parents. Your children need you. They need to be loved and valued and cared for. So anything you can do to preserve and protect that relationship is vital. And the only way to do that properly, is to ensure that you keep the focus on your kids when dealing with child custody and visitation issues, and not on the conflict with your ex. Hey parents in Jackson County, do you hear us?

Maximize the time you get with your children!

Whether it’s a few hours or a few days every week, the parenting time you get to spend with your children is precious. And you’ve likely heard the saying “Quantity isn’t quality”, which means that just because you’re together with your kids, doesn’t mean the time spent is meaningful. One hour of time spent really connecting with your children is worth more in the long run than a whole day spent coexisting in the same house with them without actually engaging them as individuals.

Many divorced parents struggle with the fact that they have less time with their kids now. We completely understand that it may be less than you want. (There are many parents from Holt, Howell, and the Jackson area who get way less time with their kids than they had hoped for!) But that’s all the more reason to make the time you do get matter. So when your kids are scheduled to be with you, our custody lawyers remind you to make sure you’re on time, that you spend as little time as possible on distractions and other commitments, and that you’re present in the moment with them. 

Your kids want time with you more than stuff or money.

Do kids want money? Sure they do. And do they want toys and video games and electronic devices. Absolutely. But more than that, they want to know that they’re important to you. They want to feel loved and valued, and know that they’re important in your life. So while your kids will certainly appreciate gifts, they won’t take the place of a real relationship. (You have only to look at the number of wealthy people who are lonely and unfulfilled in their lives, because money really doesn’t buy – or replace – love!) 

However, as family law attorneys and parents based in the Lansing area, we understand wanting more time with your kids, regardless of how much or how little you might have now. So if you want to find out what’s involved in modifying your Michigan visitation or custody agreement, or trying to get more parenting time hours, call The Kronzek Firm at 517 886-1000. Our experienced and understanding family law attorneys can explain all of your options, and walk you through what to expect throughout the process. We are available 24/7 to help, so call today for your free consultation.