Divorce With a Newborn Baby: What Do I Do? (Pt 1)

Getting a divorce when you’ve got a brand new bundle of joy can be very challenging.


Newborn babies are so cute! They’re soft, and sweet, and snuggly. Which is just as well… because they’re also a LOT of work! Parents of newborns are usually stressed out and sleep-deprived and seriously hormonal – all of which can make married life very challenging.


And if your marriage was already struggling, then having a baby is sometimes all it takes to push it over the edge. So what do you do, now that you’re getting divorced and you have a brand new baby?


Custody can be a challenging issue with a newborn baby!


Unlike older children, who can do a lot for themselves – which makes them easier to care for – babies require constant attention and care. So assigning custody is often not as clear cut when it’s a baby, as opposed to an older child. Factors like whether or not the parents work, and for how many hours, will make a difference.


Sometimes, in cases where the father works and the mother stays home with the baby, the Judge will agree to a custody agreement that allows the mother more time with the baby, as she has more time available to provide the kind of one-on-one care a baby needs.


Michigan dads can lose out if they’re not proactive!


In cases where the working parent has another family member available to provide care while they’re at work (a mother or sister or aunt who can watch the baby while they’re at work) the court is more likely to consider a 50/50 custody split.


Remember, Michigan dads who don’t make an effort to fight for time with their children, including newborns, often lose out. Moms are the traditional caregivers of newborns, and if only the mom makes an effort to fight for custody, the court likely won’t disagree with her!


Talk to your attorney about your unique divorce situation.


Join us next time to discuss some other pointers to consider when you get divorced after the birth of a baby. Otherwise, if you have a newborn and are considering a divorce, you’re going to need a lot of help to ensure that you and your baby have what you need to succeed.


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