How do I Prove This Baby is Really Mine in Michigan? (pt 2)

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Fatherhood is a great privilege – assuming of course that you can prove the baby’s yours!

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this ongoing discussion about paternity, and how to establish it in Michigan. In the previous article we talked a little about why it’s important to establish paternity, and what the protocol is when you’re married, versus not married. Next up we’d like to discuss the different ways you can establish paternity in Michigan.

There are three ways to establish paternity in Michigan:

There are three different ways that a baby’s parents can establish paternity here in the Great Lakes state, namely:

  • By court order (Order of Filiation)
  • By DNA testing
  • By affidavit of parentage

Which method you use depends on your unique situation. For married couples hoping to establish parentage when their baby is born, the method they choose may be different than the method used by an unmarried mother working to her baby’s father to pay child support.

Paternity established by Affidavit of Parentage in Michigan:

When would you use this?

If a baby is born to an unmarried mom, or to a mother whos been married for less than 10 months, she’ll have to legally establish her baby’s paternity. The simplest and easiest way to do this is for both parents to voluntarily complete an Affidavit of Parentage form.

Where do you find the form?

This form is available free of charge at all hospitals in Michigan, and it can be completed when the baby is born. However, if it wasn’t completed while the mother was still in the hospital after the baby’s birth, the parents can contact the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). A support specialist will help them to get the documents they need for free.

What do you do next?

After an Affidavit of Parentage form has been completed, it has to be recorded with the Department of Community Health. It’s important to remember that when a man signs his name on an Affidavit of Parentage form, he’s legally establishing that he’s the baby’s father.  Also, it’s worth noting that the AOP in and of itself doesn’t create an Established Custodial Environment, but if Custody is going to be disputed, the father should file very quickly because while the AOP may establish him as the father, it doesn’t grant him Custody OR Parenting Time!  

Are you involved in a sensitive paternity situation, and need help?

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