How do I Prove This Baby is Really Mine in Michigan? (pt 3)

Man holding baby at sunset
Fatherhood is a great privilege – assuming of course that you can prove the baby’s yours!

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for the final wrap up on this discussion about paternity and how you can establish paternity for your baby in Michigan. In the previous two articles we looked at the benefits of establishing paternity, and the first of three methods for achieving it. In wrapping this up we’re going to take a look at the final two methods – DNA and court orders – and what’s involved in those options.

Paternity established by DNA in Michigan:

Is this the best method to use?

DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate method of determining paternity. However it’s not 100% accurate. And while anyone can buy a DNA test kit online and do the test at home, this won’t count as a “legally established” form of paternity.

How do you do the test?

A DNA test conducted to legally determine a baby’s father has to follow a strict chain of custody. It also has to be done by a third-party professional who properly identifies everyone being tested, collects their samples in a specific way, and isn’t affected by the outcome of the test in any way, which means they have to be completely unbiased.)

What happens next?

Once you’ve done a DNA test to establish paternity, and the baby was proven to be biologically the child of a specific father, you will have to get a court order to prove paternity. Your lawyer, or someone at MDHHS can walk you through this process.

Paternity established by Court Order in Michigan:

When would you use this method?

If a baby’s mom doesn’t know who the father is, or her baby’s father is refusing to acknowledge the child as his own, a paternity case can be filed in the family division of the circuit court. This has to be filed in the county where the mother or child lives.

It can also be used by moms needing public support.

If a mother is in need of child support help, or public assistance, but doesn’t know the identity of her baby’s father, the DHHS Office of Child Support is allowed to ask the prosecutor to file a complaint with the court. This will provide them with a court order which establishes paternity, which is known as an “Order of Filiation.”

Are you involved in a serious paternity situation and need help?

The need to establish paternity can sometimes lead to some very sensitive and complicated cases. Here at The Kronzek Firm we understand the need to treat these types of cases with utmost sensitivity and understanding. We’ve got decades of experience helping parents around Michigan establish paternity, and we can help you too. Call 866 766 5245 today and talk to one of our skilled and experienced family law attorneys.