It’s Your First Summer Since The Divorce. So What Now? (Pt 1)

Even if your usual vacation plans are a financial impossibility this time, there are still loads of great local options to explore here in Michigan!

For people moving on in life after a divorce, they tend to encounter a lot of ‘firsts’ as they work to restructure their new life. The first Christmas since the divorce. You’re child’s first birthday since the divorce. And as we head into the month of June – the first summer since the divorce. It can be a little scary and overwhelming, especially as you’re suddenly faced with months of sunshine and no school as a single parent. But don’t let your anxiety hold you back! You can still have a great summer, it’ll just be different than you’re used to.

Different is good when it comes to vacations.

If your summer usually included family days to the lake, camping trips on weekends, or even out-of-state travel, obviously your plans will look a little different now. Aside from the fact that your family is different, your budget may be different as well. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up all the fun. If money is an issue, consider scaling back on what you would normally do, but not giving it up entirely. You just have to think differently about your plans. So we’ve put together a few tips to consider when planning your adventures:

  • If your family usually spent a week in Florida (or somewhere else far away) over the summer, consider a week camping in the Upper Peninsula, or some other location you can reach by car for a cheaper price. Campsites are cheaper than hotels, and driving is (usually) cheaper than flying.
  • If your budget doesn’t allow for your traditional vacation options, consider trying something completely new, like asking a friend to split the cost of an Airbnb in a town you’ve never been to before. Try timing your visit with a local festival, or picking a spot near the beach. Lake Michigan is gorgeous and there are loads of wonderful towns and cities all over the state you could enjoy.
  • If travel isn’t an option, try planning local, or nearby day trips that your kids will enjoy. Berry picking at a strawberry farm, a day at whatever Great Lake is closest to you, a trip to a nearby water park, or even a simple day spent with loved ones.
  • If divorce has put you in a really tight financial situation, and your summer budget doesn’t allow for any kind of travel, don’t worry – there are loads of affordable and fun options for you and your kids. Family movie nights, camping in the backyard, biking to the park and spending time with friends are all potentially fun options.

Remember what’s really important here!

Travelling is fun, and family vacations are great, but what matters most are relationships. If your financial situation has put a crimp in your summer style, don’t let it get you down. Focus on spending time with your kids and having fun together. Check out the summer programs offered by your local library. Be a tourist in your own town, and explore all those galleries, stores and murals you’ve always wanted to check out. Walk in the sunshine together and eat ice cream. Grill out with friends and plan playdates. Your kids deserve a wonderful summer, and so do you!

Don’t let your divorce get you down – get help to get back on your feet!

Divorce can really knock the stuffing out of you, and the road to recovery afterwards (both emotionally and financially) can be a long one. But don’t give up. And don’t lose hope – you can do this! If you have questions about the divorce process, or need help with any aspect of your divorce, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 today. Our experienced family law attorneys have been helping the people of Michigan for decades with custody, alimony, property separation and even PPOs. We can help you too.