John English

John EnglishIf you’re looking for a guy who lives life to the fullest, loves the outdoors, and enjoys a wide array of activities, then you’re looking for John English. If you’re looking for a great attorney with decades of experience and a deep respect for the legal system, well, you’re still looking for John English. And lucky for you, we know exactly where to find him! In fact you need look no farther than The Kronzek Firm.

John is, above all else, a family man. He loves his wife with a passion that would beggar Romeo, and adores his kids with all his heart! Ask him what his ideal day off would be, and aside from going way up North (which is John’s favorite part of Michigan) he’ll tell you he loves nothing more than hanging out with his family. The simple things, like grocery shopping and cooking with his wife, dining with friends, and puttering around in the yard are what make John happy.

That, and stomping the competition in court! John is a fiercely competitive lawyer, who doesn’t believe in settling for anything less than the best. When representing a client he’s a powerhouse. He fights fiercely and he doesn’t give up. It’s a pride thing. And John takes great pride in his work.

Why? Because in addition to loving his family, John loves the practice of law. He loves the law so much, he’s been practicing it for over 30 years, and shows no signs of slowing. If anything, his experience and success have only served to fuel his relentless desire to keep going. To keep fighting. To never give up, or settle for second best.

In addition to his abiding love of the law, John is a man of many other tastes. He loves all kinds of music! (And when we say all kinds, that’s not an exaggeration!) He is just as likely to spend an evening at a jazz concert, as he is to visit a nightclub where the DJ spins Deep House and Top 40 hits. John and his son are frequent concert goers.

But music is only the tip of the iceberg. When he’s not savoring tunes, or out dancing with his wife (she’s a music lover too!), he’s out rowing in the early morning, shooting hoops with his son, riding his bicycle all over the city, and playing tennis with friends. Sounds like a health nut, doesn’t he? Well, that’s because he is! In addition to his lean-meat-and-loads-of-veggies diet, John lists ‘exercise’ as his top favorite hobby. But then, what do you expect from the man who also lists ‘doing chores’ as one of his favorite pastimes?

John joined The Kronzek Firm many years ago and we’re still thrilled to have him on board. In addition to being a kind and considerate person, he’s a fantastic attorney. His clients love the way he dedicates himself to their families, their fears, and their troubles. He handles their difficulties with dignity, and their concerns with kindness. All in all, you couldn’t ask for a better lawyer or a more terrific human being.