Luggage or Baggage? What Have You “Packed” For Your Marriage? (Part 1)

What did you pack for your marriage? Luggage? Or baggage?


Some people will tell you that the difference between luggage and baggage is a cultural one – the British take luggage on their holidays, while Americans on vacation collect their bags at the baggage claim. And they’d be right. But for this article we’re addressing a more metaphorical type of carry-on – the kind you take with you into your marriage partnership.


What’s the difference between luggage and baggage?


The implied difference between luggage and baggage, when you’re talking about emotional issues, has less to do with cultures, and more to do with positive and negative attributes. What does that mean? Well, ‘luggage’ refers to the positive things you brought with you into your relationship, while ‘baggage’ usually means the emotional burdens that get dragged along with you. Things that weigh you down and trip you up. That is, until you learn to let go of them.


If your marriage was a tropical vacation….


Imagine arriving at a beautiful tropical resort in the Dominican Republic. You and your spouse have booked a weeklong romantic getaway. You’ll be lounging by the pool with a drink and a good book, and taking long relaxing walks on the beach. The dinners will be amazing, and the excursions will be epic. You’re so excited! You dump your bag on the bed in your gorgeous hotel room and fling it open, ready to unpack that super cute new bathing suit….


But there’s no new bathing suit, sexy little black number, or comfy loungewear. Instead, your suitcase is filled to brimming with a snow suit, an AK 47, and a potato peeler. Wait, what? Yup, great stuff to have on hand in the event that you’ve got to make hash browns during a war at the north pole. But nothing you would need, or even want, for a tropical island vacation!


Sounds weird? Sure, but it’s true!


Strange as it sounds, marriage can be a lot like that vacation. You show up expecting one thing, only to discover that your expectations don’t align with reality in any way, shape or form. And some of what you brought with you into the relationship is, at best: useless, and at worst: dangerous!


Sounds crazy, right? After all, what could you possibly bring into your marriage that would be useless or dangerous? Well, a good example of relationship baggage would be critical fault-finding, narrow-mindedness, an uncontrollable temper, and jealousy. So what about the luggage? Easy. Luggage in this case would be things like patience, tolerance, good listening skills, and a positive attitude.

Did the airline lose your luggage? Is the vacation over?

Join us next time. We’ll be talking about why so many marriages fail (people are pretty terrible at packing!) and what you could do differently. A few ‘packing tricks’, if you will. But until then, if the vacation is irredeemably ruined, and airline has lost your luggage, call our skilled divorce lawyers at 866 766 5245. We are available 24/7 to help you work through this difficult situation, and help you pack a new bag for a brighter future!