Macomb County Dad Acquitted of Threatening Judge on Facebook!

A close up of a phone screen showing several different apps. Facebook is at the center.
One Macomb County dad took to Facebook to tell the world his opinion of the Judge and court who oversaw his child custody case, and got into trouble for it!

If you follow our blog, then you know we spent some time last week discussing a case that’s happening right now in Macomb County, Michigan, where a dad was accused of harassing the Judge who oversaw his custody case. Jonathan Vanderhagen blames Macomb County Court Judge Rachel Rancilio for the death of his one-year-old son. And he’s made no bones on Facebook about the fact that he intends to get to the bottom of what he believes is a system full of corruption.

He has already been arrested twice for this particular “crime”

If you recall, Vanderhagen posted on Facebook about his frustration with the system that cost his little son his life. He named the people involved, which included the Judge, and apparently this was brought to her attention. Vanderhagen was arrested for making threats, posted bail, and was told to have no contact with Judge Rancilio. However he continued to post online about his frustration, and that was taken as a violation of the no contact order, which resulted in his second arrest!

His defense attorney argued that he was just exercising his rights

When addressing the court during Vanderhagen’s trial, his defense attorney explained that there had been no threat in the posts his client made. “These posts if you read them are about his son,” he explained. With regard to the Facebook post Vanderhagen has made where he posted a picture of a shovel labeled with the Judge’s initials, he explained that it was never meant to be taken as a threat against the Judge or anyone else. “They’re about digging up the truth. There’s no threat. There’s no reaching out to Judge Rancilio. There’s been no contact.”

He was acquitted by the jury at his trial!

The trial was quick, only lasting a few days, and when it was time for the jury to deliberate, Vanderhagen’s defense attorney asked them to return a quick verdict. And the jury delivered. After only 26 minutes the group returned to the courtroom to announce that they found Vanderhagen NOT GUILTY on all counts. The case, and this verdict have received national attention, with people all over the country chiming in their support online for Vanderhagen. Specifically, the case has highlighted the issue of father’s rights, which are all too often overlooked by the family court.

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