50 Divorce Tips

50 Things to Remember That Will Help You Succeed in Your Divorce Case

There are a lot of things to remember when you are divorcing. At Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC we are here to guide you through the very complicated process of divorce. As experienced and trusted family law attorneys, we have compiled a list of the Top 50 things you should remember that will help you succeed in your divorce case:

What divorce is like:

1. From start to finish, divorce can take a long time.
2. Divorce is confusing to both parties and sometimes even to the lawyers and judges.
3. Divorce irreversibly alters your life.
4. During the divorce process, there will no longer be time each day to complete all the tasks you hoped to accomplish.
5. Divorce is a legal process and can sometimes seem very formal.
6. Divorce is chaotic, crazy and stressful.

Going through a divorce:

7. Some divorcing parties do not realize the seriousness or long-term effects of their divorce.
8. Some people going through divorce are in shock. As a major life event, it is often traumatic.
9. Individuals going through a divorce tend to have a selective memory about how the marriage deteriorated. It is seldom a one-sided problem.
10. Some people going through a divorce are in denial.
11. Some divorcing parties will have a hard time separating their lives from their spouse.
12. Some people going through divorce are very angry and some are very sad. Our attorneys can refer you to well-qualified counselors to help you get through.
13. Some divorcing parties tend to think of themselves and nobody else.
14. Sometimes, there has been violent mental or physical abuse.

How divorce affects others:

15. Relationships with your in-laws may become very strained as in-laws tend to side with their own family.
16. Children are very vulnerable during this time and bitter arguments between parents during the divorce process can have devastating long-term effects on the children.
17. Those that are friends of both you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may feel like they have to choose sides.
18. Your children may feel like they have to choose between their parents.
19. It may take a long time for casual acquaintances to remember that you are divorced and they may keep asking you about your spouse.
20. Some people, because of religion or other reasons, are opposed to divorce and you may sense they will react negatively to the news that you divorced.
21. You may wish to change your name after a divorce, and others may not recognize your new name. It is simpler and less expensive to change your name inside the divorce case.

Finances and divorce:

22. Just about everyone going through a divorce has anxiety over the shortage of money that will be caused by the divorce.
23. The amount of spousal support you will receive, if any, is too small to continue living the same lifestyle you did before the divorce.
24. Divorce is an expensive process.
25. The amount of child support you may receive is too small to raise the child in the manner they were accustomed to before the divorce.
26. The spouse paying spousal support will have their lifestyle altered due to the amount of money they are paying to their ex-spouse.
27. The parent paying child support will now have a harder time saving for retirement.
28. The bills will go up for a couple after divorce, because now each party will be responsible for their own living expenses.

The legal system and divorce:

29. Our job, as lawyers, affects your entire future. We understand this and take our job very seriously.
30. Many of the issues litigated in a divorce are at the request of the parties and do not determine the outcome of the divorce.
31. Some clients do not acknowledge how little they know about the divorce process.
32. As lawyers, we are held to a high standard.
33. Many lawyers who practice divorce come from smaller firms or are solo practitioners.
34. The legal system is the best device that exists to handle divorce.
35. The opposing attorney will try to prove you do not have a correct legal argument.
36. The judge is not a referee and he or she will rule only on the evidence we present to them.
37. If you have never been involved in any kind of legal proceeding, you will learn a lot about the court and its procedures.

The outcome of the case:

38. Even the smallest error made by your attorney can affect the outcome of the case.
39. You may not feel the results of the case are “fair,” though divorce can sometimes be an unfair process.
40. In order to succeed in a divorce case, you must not let your emotions rule.
41. The outcome of a divorce case is uncertain until the judge signs and files the order of divorce.
42. Remember that the outcome of a divorce case not only affects yourself, but it affects your children too.
43. Sometimes, the best outcome is if the parties agree to disagree.
44. It is not likely that you will be granted every single thing you ask for at the start of the divorce.

Your relationship with your divorce attorney:

45. It is very important that you and your divorce lawyer make a good team.
46. You should hire a divorce attorney who has experience in the Mid-Michigan divorce courts. Our attorneys have handled many, many family law cases over the years in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton counties.
47. Divorce lawyers should be available throughout the day to talk with you because many times, last minute things come up.
48. If you do not feel your divorce lawyer is a good match, it is okay to switch lawyers, but this will likely cause some delay in the case.
49. You get what you pay for when it comes to attorneys. The more experienced attorneys charge more money because they often do a better job.
50. At Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC, we have helped many clients successfully get through their divorces all over md-Michigan. We are available on the phone 24 hours per day at (517) 886-1000. We offer our clients a free initial consultation before they hire us so that you have the opportunity to see just how our experience can help you and to make sure we are a good match for each other.


I retained the services of Stephanie Service at the 11th hour in my divorce case. She told me upfront that it would be a battle. But going to court with her by my side I was comfortable and confident. We "won" it first battle in court. She did a wonderful job. With the help of her assistant, Alesha, they helped me through every step of my case and never gave up. They both very positive and easy to get ahold of when I needed to discuss something. I have already recommended them to a friend. And would recommend them to anyone that needs a family law attorney