Child Abuse

Child Abuse


What is Child Abuse?


Child abuse is by definition, the harming of a child. It usually takes place when a parent or caregiver, either through action or failure to act, causes injury, serious risk of injury, emotional harm, or death to a child. Abuse and maltreatment of children can take many forms, including neglect, physical injury, sexual assault, exploitation and emotional abuse.


There are several types of abuse. While all of them are considered to be detrimental to a child’s well being, not all of them are illegal. The following is a list of the most common forms of child abuse.


Physical Abuse


Physical abuse is a form of abuse that a child happens to a child’s body. This can include beating, burning, whipping, hitting, kicking and biting, among other things. In addition to these things, there are also forms of physical abuse that include intentional deprivations of the things a child needs to thrive and survive. For this reason, denying a child food and water, a harsh spanking, a bed to sleep in, or seasonally appropriate clothes to wear could constitute physical abuse.


Physical Abuse allegations usually stem from a number of situations, namely unexplained injuries on a child, infants with what appears to be “shaken baby syndrome”, children suffering from extreme malnourishment and children with non-accidental injuries.


Emotional/Psychological Abuse


Emotional abuse of a child is when a parent, caregiver, or person in a position of authority abuses a child psychologically, mentally or emotionally. This usually equates to verbal assaults, name calling, threats, terrorizing, coercion, alienation and shaming. It is considered by therapeutic professionals all over Michigan to be the hardest form of child abuse to detect, but often has the most destructive effect on a child’s development and self esteem.


Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse of a child means any kind of sexual assault against a child that is perpetrated by an adult, or an older person. This can include statutory rape, molestation, solicitation of a minor, prostitution of a minor, child pornography, attempts to commit criminal sexual conduct, and indecent exposure. Because sexual assault of a child is considered to be one of the most heinous crimes in our society, a person can spend many years in prison if convicted. Also a convicted person is required to register as a sex offender on Michigan’s public Sex Offender Registry.


Child Endangerment


Child Endangerment under Michigan law, refers to something that a parent or caregiver does or fails to do, that puts a child at risk of harm, even if the child is not actually harmed in any way as a result. This charge has more to do with what could have happened, rather than what did happen.


It is usually used in Operating While Intoxicated cases, also known as drunk driving cases, where an intoxicated adult drives drunk with an underaged minor in the vehicle. This is referred to as OWI Child Endangerment.


Child Abuse Defense Attorneys


Being accused of abusing a child is one of the most horrifying experiences that an adult can endure. Whether you are a parent accused of harming one of your own children, a teacher accused of abusing a student, or a caregiver blamed for assaulting one of the children in your care, the results are the same – fear, shame and horror, not to mention the backlash from your community and your family and your friends and your employer.


As terrible as this may be, you don’t have to face this alone. Our dedicated child abuse defense team offers parents and caregivers the benefit of a cutting edge defense against every form of abuse allegation and charge. We have decades of experience dealing with overzealous prosecutors, single-minded police officers, and Children’s Protective Services workers, none of whom are willing to listen to your side of the story. Many of them care more about a victory in court than the preservation of the family.


If you have been accused of neglecting or abusing a minor, make sure you have an aggressive and experienced attorney who is willing to stand up to the prosecution and law enforcement. An attorney who is not afraid to fight the system, for you and your family. You need an attorney from the Kronzek Firm. Call us immediately. We are here to help you.


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