Child Neglect

Child Neglect


What is Neglect?


Neglect, unlike abuse, has more to do with what a person hasn’t done, rather than what they have done. Child Abuse refers to a actual physical or mental act like hitting, kicking, biting or verbal abuse.  Child neglect is usually the lack of a certain activities that are considered important.


Examples of neglect could include not providing proper clothing, not providing a reasonably safe environment for your child, inadequate housing, not providing enough food or clean drinking water or failure to educate a child. Neglect can also include a failure to provide proper medical treatment. It can also include placing the child in a situation which creates an unreasonable risk to their health or well being. While this may be more “standard of care” related than the mistreatment of your child physically, this accusation is still very serious.


There are several different types of neglect. While they are all considered to be damaging to children, not all of them are illegal.


Physical Neglect


Physical neglect refers to the lack of care in providing for a child’s physical needs. Things like inadequate food, shelter, clothing and supervision can all fall under the title of physical neglect. Signs of physical neglect in children often include regular hunger, ill-fitting or seasonally inappropriate clothing, and poor personal hygiene. This could also manifest as the stress and fear associated with regular exposure to extremely violent environments.


Emotional/Psychological Neglect


Emotional neglect refers to a parent or caregiver denying a child the emotional security and support that they need in order to thrive. Emotional neglect includes not providing the necessary affection, attention, or other forms of emotional support required for a healthy parent-child relationship.


Signs of emotional neglect include a child struggling to form other healthy relationships, difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings to another person, and feelings of abandonment and rejection, which can lead to anger, anxiety and depression.


Educational Neglect


Educational neglect refers to a child’s educational needs being neglected by their parents or guardian. This usually manifests in the form of excessive tardiness, chronic absences from school, or failure to attend school all together.  Sometimes educational neglect occurs where a parent attempts to home-school a child, but due to illness and other factors, is unable to meet the demands of the state.


Medical Neglect


Medical neglect is when a parent or guardian refuses to allow a child the necessary medical care that they require in order to be healthy. Unfortunately, because medical professionals often don’t agree on the type of care that a sick child needs, a parent may be accused of medical neglect when they did nothing more than choose one doctor’s opinion over another. Allegations of medical neglect are often nothing more than one medical professional feeling slighted because their opinion was passed over in favor of a different choice.


Child Neglect Defense Attorneys


Being accused of child neglect is a traumatic experience. Not only are your parenting skills called into question, but you are automatically labelled a ‘bad person’ in your community. It can have a negative impact on your family and friends, and impact your quality of life and ability to get a job. It can also result in your name being placed on the statewide “child abuse” list, known as the Central Registry.


At The Kronzek Firm, our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling abuse and neglect cases all over the lower peninsula of Michigan. We understand what you are up against. We understand how to defend parents. Unlike many other attorneys, we are not afraid to take on CPS and battle the state when they have falsely accused our client of neglect or abuse. Defending people from abuse or neglect charges isn’t a part time thing for us. We battle for parents every single day.


In addition, we have considerable experience in both family law and criminal law., That means that regardless of whether your case ends up as a criminal charge or a CPS parental termination case in family court, we are fully equipped to handle every aspect of your defense. Contact us today if you are being investigated for child abuse or neglect by either the police or Children’s Protective Services. .Your family’s peace of mind and your future may depend on it.


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