False Allegations

Michigan False Allegation Attorneys – Child Abuse, Neglect, and Molestation

The impact of a False Allegation is unlike any other criminal, civil, or everyday statement. In today’s society Child Abuse, Child Molestation, Rape, and Domestic Violence is heavily stigmatized. At the law firm of Kronzek and Cronkright, we value justice and truth above all. We have found that an overwhelming number of allegations of Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, and Child Molestation are falsified or heavily exaggerated. The reasons for this are too numerous to count, but the most common motivation for a false accusation of this magnitude is simple — one party is desperate to gain dominance over the other, and will stop at nothing until their goal has been achieved. When an Allegation of Abuse, Molestation, or Domestic Violence is made, the report will often times go to Children’s Protective Services (CPS). These allegations can quickly spiral out of control creating a huge lawsuit that is structured in such a way that it can be hard to defend. The sooner you bring our legal team on your side, the better chance we have of defeating false allegations.

Motivations Behind False Allegations

The most common root of a false allegation is actually a quite innocent one. It is commonly a misunderstanding where a statement such as, “my daddy plays with me when I am taking a bath” made by a young child, is taken in a context wholly unlike the reality the child is trying to convey. This simple and innocent statement can be blown out of proportion within hours, and once it finds its way into the courtroom, the evidence you are facing is already towering high above your head.

Other reasons for false allegations are not so innocent. They are often made in order for one party to gain the advantage in a divorce proceeding, often times alleging domestic violence that simply did not occur in order to secure custody of children. Other false allegations seek to serve selfish notions of revenge or simple dislike. These are all situations that attempt to capitalize on the societal stigma placed on the unlawful acts of Domestic Violence, Physical and Emotional Child Abuse and Child Molestation.

I Have Recently Been Accused of This! What should I do?

Time is of the essence with false accusations! Contact our Family Law Attorneystoday, so we can start clearing your name immediately. Our False Accusation Lawyers will work in tandem with you, and (if needed) bring in expert witnesses to show that you are blameless. Start rectifying this situation, and let us be your voice of defense. This may be an ugly occasion in your life, but you should always fight for the truth to come forward. We can help you in this fight!

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