Refusal to Vaccinate Lands One Michigan Mother in Jail!

The vaccine was allegedly agreed upon by both parties beforehand, but the mother later changed her mind and refused.


Many parents disagree on how to raise their children. Subjects like bedtime, dietary restrictions and even school of choice can be a source of contention. But it’s not often that parents end up in court over disagreements about their child’s medical care. However, a Ferndale mother was just sentenced to jail for refusing to vaccinate her son, which was in violation of a court order.


On September 27, 2017, Rebecca Bredow, a 40-year-old mother from Ferndale, Michigan was told by Oakland County Family Court Judge Karen McDonald that she had 7 days to get her 9-year-old son vaccinated. “If not,” she told Bredow, “you will appear here Wednesday and if you have not, I’ll send you to jail. Let me say it one more time, you have seven days. It’s ridiculous. Don’t make me do that.”


Seven days came and went, and when Bredow appeared before the judge again, her son still wasn’t vaccinated. The result? Judge McDonald sentenced her to jail for 7 days for contempt of court. During that time, the boy will be staying with his father, James Horne, who plans to get the boy vaccinated.


It’s a tricky situation, and one that’s been dragging out in court for over a year now. Horne and Bredow got divorced years ago. Horne wants his son to be vaccinated. Bredow doesn’t. Her reasons, she says, are religious. It was a point that she raised again in court, when explaining to the judge that she would rather “sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don’t believe in.”


Michigan parents are allowed to choose not to vaccinate for religious reasons.


Horne’s attorney, however, says it’s a farce. He referred to the religious waiver as “a convenient lie” and pointed out during court arguments, that both Bredow and her current husband, Gary, “testified that they do not practice the tenets of any organized religion.” In addition, he also noted that Bredow and her husband are medical marijuana users, and that Bredow has already been charged with domestic violence against her current husband twice.


Bredow defended her actions, saying that Horne has known about her objections to vaccinations for a long time, but has only recently decided to make a big deal out of the issue, because she’s been attempting to collect unpaid child support. Horne, however, claims it’s more than that. He says Bredow has repeatedly violated his parenting time rights. In response, Bredow claimed that Horne is a pornography addict.


All in all, the situation is likely frustrating for both parents. Horne believes that his son’s health is jeopardized, and he is upset that his ex is putting her personal beliefs before the health of their child. Bredow feels backed into a corner and says that her parenting rights have been stripped by the court.


However, in response to her jail sentence, Bredow’s attorney raised an interesting point. He said that parents should take heed, and spell out in their divorce settlements exactly who gets to make the medical and health-related decisions for their children in the future.


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