Struggling With Shared Parenting? Co Parenting Counseling May Help.

For many parents in the greater Lansing area, getting divorced presents a whole host of challenges and new frontiers. And that’s before you deal with the issues of custody, visitation, and how best to parent your children after a divorce here in Michigan! It’s a time fraught with changes, and sometimes it’s all you can do to keep your head above water. (Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Parents all over Holt, Okemos, Charlotte, East Lansing and Dewitt are dealing with the same struggles as well.)

A number of parents who share custody after a divorce in Mid Michigan are faced with the issue of wanting to do what’s best for their kids, even if it puts them in an uncomfortable (or even downright frustrating) situation. Which is admirable. You want to be a good parent, and do the right thing when it comes to your kids. But what if that’s easier said than done? What if, despite your best efforts, you and your ex simply can’t seem to get along? And now your fighting and frustrations are making things worse, not better, for your kids… is there any way to solve this?

Co Parenting Counseling helps parents who are struggling to get along and co-parent.

It’s probably safe to assume that you and your ex don’t see eye to eye on at least some major issues. And if you’re reading this article, then chances are, parenting styles is probably one of those issues. But whether it’s the fact that you’re in favor of bedtimes and they hate schedules, or you’re all brussel sprouts and they’re team candy, the reality is that despite the divorce, you’re still in the parenting game together. Our divorce lawyers usually advise against parallel parenting except as a last resort. So how can you possibly find a way to make this co-parenting work for both of you? Answer: Co parenting counseling.

Co parenting counseling, also known as co parenting therapy, is a type of counseling that helps divorced or separated parents develop a more trusting relationship. (That may sound ridiculous, given your history together, but it’s not actually as impossible as you may think.) Trust is necessary in order to work together and respect one another. And if you’re going to be successful at this co-parenting gig, then mutual trust and respect are foundational to making that happen. To clarify, we are not talking the same kind of trust that you have for a spouse. This is simply trusting the other parent to deal with the kids in a loving, responsible and cooperative way. 

What exactly is co parenting counseling, and how can it help?

First, it’s important that you recognise that the point here is NOT to get you guys back together. This isn’t couples counseling. The only goal in this particular type of therapy is to help you and the other parent reach a place where you can work together to parent your children as well as possible after your separation or divorce. The therapist will work with you both on finding ways to move past your anger, and put the needs of your children at the forefront. We Michiganders have a strong family ethic. Kids always come first. Especially in and around Lansing, Eaton County and Clinton County. Our judges understand that. Our Friend of the Court offices agree. Kids come first around our part of Michigan. 

By revisiting some of the positive aspects of your family’s history together, the counselor will help you both work to reach a place where you can communicate with less resentment. This will in turn help you achieve your common goals as parents more effectively. Because let’s face it, you may not like your ex very much, but until your children are all grown up, you’re going to be in each other’s lives for better or for worse. So whatever you can do to make this easier for everyone, would be a good investment of your time and energy.

Starting over can be hard. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Getting divorced is difficult. There are so many things you need to do and plan for. So much paperwork you need to fill out and file. So many decisions you need to make, and choices you need to consider. It’s a lot. Which is why you need a skilled and experienced legal team on your side, guiding you, keeping you informed, and helping you navigate this challenging process. Here at The Kronzek Firm, mid-Michigan’s premier family law firm, we are available 24/7 to walk you through every aspect of your divorce. Call 517 886-1000 today for your free consultation. We have handled thousands of family law cases over the past 27 years. We can get you through this very difficult time.