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Switching your Divorce Attorney

Do you have a Michigan divorce or child custody case pending in Ingham County, Eaton County, Clinton County, Shiawassee County or Livingston County? Are you uncomfortable with your current attorney? Concerned that your case is not going the way you hoped? Is your lawyer failing to return phone calls or ask you for any input on YOUR case?

THE KRONZEK FIRM has trusted, experienced, confidential and compassionate divorce and child custody lawyers, with many years of service in Michigan family law cases. We are ready to aggressively advocate for, and protect, your current and future interests. Remember, you CAN do something to protect yourself and your family. Contact us in confidence, to speak with a dedicated attorney today.

Is it hard to switch attorneys?

Once you call and meet with us, together we will decide how our firm can best help you. Once we agree to work together we’ll do the rest. We:

Get in touch with your other lawyer
Get a copy of your file from the other attorney
File the necessary documents to notify the court and all other attorneys in the case that we’ve replaced your other lawyer.


What Makes Us Different?

Our firm’s policy is to return your phone calls usually the same day we get them. You are also furnished with your attorney’s private e-mail address. We strongly believe that keeping in touch with our clients is best for them and best for us. We want our clients to understand each step of the legal process that they are involved in. We immediately provide our clients with copies of all correspondence, pleadings, and court decisions.

How much do attorney fees cost?

At The Kronzek Firm, we offer an initial 1/2 hour consultation at no cost. At this first consultation, we can learn about your case, do a preliminary evaluation of it and get to know one another. We will also tell you how much our initial retainer fee is to begin working on your case. If we decide to work together, we’ll both sign a written agreement as soon as that retainer fee is fully paid. At that point, we’re a team and you end your sleepless nights and begin to get back your peace of mind. You will feel confident being in the hands of our experienced family law attorneys. You can schedule your initial consultation by calling our main office
at (517) 886-1000.


I went through my child custody case with open eyes believing that the courts would see the truth, but I was wrong. As a college graduate and current masters student I thought I could handle this on my own. I tried everything I could, filed motions, co-parented, begged for explanations and I got nothing. I felt lost, stressed, helpless, alone and backed into a corner. So after a heartbreaking moment I finally decided to seek help and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I met Stephanie she changed everything for me. She helped me in ways I never thought was possible going above and beyond what I ever expected a lawyer to do in order help me feel safe. Although I'm still in the process of my case I can say with an open heart and clear mind that having her assistance has changed my life. She puts my daughter first and I will be forever grateful for that. For the first time since this whole court mess started I finally feel like I can breath again and it's amazing. I would highly suggest this brilliant woman to anyone. So if you're considering getting a lawyer, or considering this it. They will absolutely help you in any way they can. I know they did for me.

Malinda on Google, 2016

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