Termination of Parental Rights: What Are Michigan Parents up Against? (Pt. 1)

The state can terminate your connection with your children forever! So what can you do about it?


Having your parental rights terminated is one of the scariest and most heartbreaking scenarios that any parent could ever encounter. It’s also one of the most confusing. Why? Because the law surrounding parental termination is very complex, and most people (including a surprising number of attorneys) don’t understand the process, or know what’s involved.


This is why our expert CPS defense team got together to assemble a list of the more common questions that parents ask us about parental termination in Michigan. We’ve tried to provide some standard answers to those questions. Although if you’re facing a parental termination we highly recommend that you come in and talk to an attorney, don’t just rely on information from the internet!


Hopefully this breakdown will help you understand the process a little better. However, because every case is different, it’s very important that you meet with an attorney who specializes in Michigan CPS defense as soon as you become involved with Children’s Protective Services.


Can the state really take my child forever?


Yes they can. Incredible as it may sound, the law allows the state to sometimes permanently remove your child from your custody if they believe that you are not parenting them properly. The process begins when CPS begins an investigation for abuse or neglect of a child and continues when a Children’s Protective Services worker contacts the family. As soon as that happens, the parents should be alarmed.


Is there anything I can do to get my child back?


If your child has been removed from your care by CPS and a petition has been filed with the court asking the court to take jurisdiction over your family which might have your parental rights terminated, you have the right to hire an experienced CPS defense attorney and fight for your children. Hiring an attorney should happen as soon as the family is aware that CPS is involved. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that your children will be returned, but we do have a successful track record, and we can guarantee that we will work hard to get your children home.


Is there a time limit on appealing the court’s decision?


Yes there is. Which is why we encourage all parents who have recently lost their children to the state, to contact us immediately. The clock is ticking and the appeals process is time consuming, so the sooner you have an experienced attorney working to appeal a termination of parental rights, the better.


Do you need help fighting CPS in Michigan?


Join us next time as we continue to address some of the more common concerns surrounding the termination of parental rights, and answer some of your questions. Until then, if you or a loved one have been accused of abusing or neglecting a child, you need to call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. Our experienced Parental Rights advocates have the specialized knowledge and experience required to stand up for your rights in the battle with CPS. Don’t lose what is most important to you!