What’s Parenting Coordination, And Why You Might Need it.

Many families struggle during the divorce process, and can benefit from parenting coordination.


There are more than one million new children every year whose lives are affected by divorce. And in many of those cases, the parents are caught up in litigation for years, trying to figure out the best custody and visitation schedules.


These conflicts take a toll on the lives of the children, with studies showing that most children who grow up in divorced families with high levels of conflict, go on to experience serious behavioral and emotional difficulties. This is where parenting coordination comes in.


What exactly is parenting coordination?


Parenting coordination is a form of child centered dispute resolution for parents whose divorces are so high conflict, that traditional mediation doesn’t work. A parenting coordinator works with the family, using education, mediation and case management, to help them fulfill their obligations to their children and comply with the court’s recommendations.


In some cases, where the court has granted the parenting coordinator some limited authority within the scope of the court order, to help parents whose high conflict divorces limit their ability to make sound parenting decisions.


Why is parenting coordination good for children and families?


High conflict divorces are very damaging to children. Studies have shown that Children who grow up in environments filled with endless conflict are up to five times as likely to develop serious emotional and behavioral difficulties. In addition, they require huge amounts of the court’s time, and support from mental health professionals.


As a result, in order to minimize the terrible effects that high conflict divorces have on children and families, the court often encourages (and sometimes orders) families to work with parenting coordinators.


Why would you need a parenting coordinator?


If your divorce is so high conflict that you and your spouse can’t have a simple conversation about your children without it disintegrating into an argument, you probably need help. Figuring out parenting time schedules, visitation, and custody issues is extremely difficult when you can’t talk without fighting.


Having a parenting coordinator on your team allows you to reach decisions with the help of someone who is unbiased and impartial. They will help you and your spouse to do what’s best for your children, despite the conflict between you. They can also help explain court orders, make recommendations to the court, and help you stay in compliance.


Getting divorced can be extremely difficult!


If you and your spouse are getting divorced, but can’t exchange five civil words in order to figure out child custody and the other essentials of ending a marriage, you may need dispute resolution help. At The Kronzek Firm we can help you figure out what’s best for your family, and what services you need to complete your divorce process and move on. Call us at 866 766 5245 and talk to an experienced divorce lawyer. We’re here to help.