Why Establishing Paternity is Important For a Child in Michigan (Pt 1)

Establishing paternity allows children a chance to get to know their dads and have relationships with them.

Establishing paternity is done in one of three ways here in Michigan, namely an affidavit of parentage, a DNA test, or a court order. But knowing how it’s established isn’t the same thing as know WHY it should be established. There are many reasons why establishing paternity is important, and we’d like to share a few of them with you here.

A child’s personal identity:

Knowing who you are starts with knowing who your family is. We are a product of our parents, and knowing who our parents are (even if we don’t have an opportunity to have meaningful relationships with them) is an important part of understanding who you are.

Cultural and ethnic identities are passed down from parents, and for children to truly know their histories, they need to know their parent’s histories. Having legally established paternity creates a bond between a father and a child that promotes relationship and fosters opportunities for future bonding.

The chance for family relationships:

In addition to providing your child with a chance to know their father and develop a lasting bond with them, it also provides a chance to have relationships with the entire extended family on their father’s side.

Knowing who a child’s father is allows them to create relationships with their cousins, uncles and aunts, and grandparents on their paternal side of the family, which is important for a child’s happiness. The more family members a child can build relationships with, the more socially connected they feel, and the greater chance they have of being a part of something meaningful as they grow up.

Access to medical history:

A great many conditions and diseases are hereditary. From cancer and diabetes to color blindness and obesity, we inherit a lot of medical issues from our parents and their families. With that in mind, it’s very important for a child to know what illnesses may lie lurking in their genes.

Knowing that both your parents have high blood pressure can tell you a lot about your own chances for developing the condition. Knowing that breast cancer showed up in three of your father’s four sisters can motivate you to get early mammograms and discuss plans with your doctor. Knowing who your father is can help children prepare for their medical futures in many different ways.

Paternity suits can be complicated in Michigan

Join us next time for the rest of the reasons why establishing paternity is so important. Until then, if you’re faced with a paternity related situation, the family law attorneys at The Kronzek Firm can help you. Establishing paternity is a very serious business, and can have disastrous results if it’s not handled properly. Don’t leave this to chance. Get expert help now. Call 866 766 5245. Our highly skilled family law attorneys are available around the clock to help you.