Why Establishing Paternity is Important For a Child in Michigan (Pt 2)

There are many good reasons why establishing paternity is important, but one of the best is the chance for relationship.

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for this discussion about paternity in Michigan. Unlike other articles we’ve done in the past on the subject of paternity, this one doesn’t deal with how it gets established, or what methods are preferable to mothers in Michigan. Instead, we’ve been looking at a less talked about aspect of paternity, and that’s the reasons why people establish paternity, and why it’s a good idea to do so. Let’s wrap up with the last few.

Financial support:

Although this may seem a less lofty reason that relationship and identity, financial reasons are usually the primary reason why mothers set out to prove paternity for their children. Parenting is expensive and they’re struggling to provide all of their child’s needs on their own. Having someone else named as a parent would mean potentially two incomes to help meet the child’s financial needs.

In order to receive child support payments through a court order, paternity has to be established. But child support is only one aspect of the financial benefits a child could receive when they know who their father is. Social security benefits, life insurance, pension and retirement, and even inheritance rights after the child’s father passes away are all possible benefits of having a legally identified father.

Custody and visitations rights:

In order for the court to allow a child to spend time with their dad, that dad has to be legally established as the father. When parents don’t live together, and especially when the mother has sole custody of a child, establishing paternity can give fathers a chance to have relationships with their kids, and children a chance to get to know their fathers.

Michigan requires that paternity be established before a court will order visitation, or allow a father to contest custody or request a modification to the current custody agreement. So for dads wanting to have a chance to spend time with their kids, or moms who want their kids to know their dads, establishing paternity is the next step in the process.

Access to personal information:

Legal parents have the right to certain pieces of information concerning their children. This includes criminal proceedings, adoption proceedings, juvenile court proceedings, and custody hearings. Not being the established father would mean all of that information is not available to you.

In addition, my being recognized as the legal father means you have the opportunity to petition the court for legal custody of your child, even if you can’t have physical custody. This means you would have the right to a lot of information about your child, including medical records, religious records, and school records, and a chance to have a say in the decision making process that affects their future.

Establishing paternity in Michigan is very important!

Deciding that you need to establish paternity for your child, whatever your reasons, means you have a potentially long and complex journey ahead of you. There are a lot of things that need to be handled in very specific ways (like making sure the DNA test is done by unbiased, third party professionals who follow the correct chain of custody.) So call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 and talk to one of our skilled and experienced family law attorneys. WE’re on call 24/7 and can help you with all of your paternity concerns.