10 Signs Your Spouse is Having a Virtual Affair (Part 2)

Is your spouse cheating on you with someone online? We look at the most common signs…


Thank you for joining us again, as we look at the 10 most common signs that your spouse is cheating on you with someone online. In the previous article we looked at the first five items, including how much time they spend online, how quickly they shut down their screen when you enter a room, and how compulsive their computer use has become.


We do want to point out again that just because you suspect your spouse of sneaking around behind their back, doesn’t make them guilty! These are signs that commonly point to infidelity, but they are not an ironclad guarantee that you should start planning a divorce!


Moving on, we are going to look at the last five things you need to look out for…


  1. Browser histories –

    If your spouse has recently begun clearing their internet history, or has installed software that wipes the browser history every time a user logs off, they may be hiding something and you should be concerned.


  1. Physical positioning –

    If the computer screen is always angled so that you can’t see it in a common room, or their recent smartphone use seems to be happening in such a way that what they are doing is always obscured from view, you need to start paying closer attention.


  1. Dwindling conversation –

    There is a chance that all was not well on the homefront if your spouse is now having an affair. If that’s the case, then you’ll probably find that whatever conversations you two used to have, will have been replaced with online chatting and messaging with others. If most interactions with you have recently been minimized in favor of being online, it’s a good sign an affair is going on.


  1. Increased private phone use –

    Online affairs often progress to live conversations held over the phone or via webcam. If your spouse has begun leaving the room to have phone conversations, or seems more protective of their phone, exhibiting a fear that you might pick it up and glance at the screen when a text comes in, you should be concerned.


  1. Reality replacements –

    Finally, if your spouse is regularly canceling plans in order to be online, or refusing to attend events, like your kids sporting events or family gatherings that they would normally have gone to, simply because they need to be online as often as possible should be a huge red flag.


If your spouse is exhibiting five or more of these signs, you may have a genuine cause for concern. However, we would like to remind all of our readers that just because you suspect infidelity, don’t mean that you are right. Sometimes there are other factors that play a role in changing online use and behaviors. Not all increased computer use or cleared browser histories are reasons for a divorce.


Another factor to consider is that Michigan has very strict laws about how and when a person may access someone else’s private information. Checking your spouse’s email accounts and text messages is actually against the law in Michigan. If you are concerned about your spouse’s faithfulness, but aren’t sure how to determine the truth without violating the law, call us at 517 886 1000. We can help advise you on how to make safe, legal choices while preparing for your future, whatever that may look like.