Are Divorce Rates Rising in Response to The Coronavirus Lockdown?

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Our social media accounts are a storm of political rants regarding how Michigan and the federal government have handled the Covid19 crisis. People share information on how they’re handling the quarantine, and of course the requisite funny memes and pictures of cute cats. You only have to scroll Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for five minutes to know how many people are struggling with boredom, depression, and anxiety, and who’s eating all of their feelings during the lockdown (feelings which can definitely contribute to the rising divorce rates!). 

However, while people are freely discussing their personal emotional struggles during this unprecedented time, what no one seems to be talking about is how it’s impacting relationships around the country. With hotlines around the country reporting an unprecedented rise in instances of reported domestic violence, and the number of couples forced into spending 24 hours a day in each other’s company for weeks on end, divorce rates are expected to rise sharply as a result of this quarantine.

Surprise – Family law attorneys are reporting a huge jump in divorce rates!

Divorce rates are on the rise! Family law attorneys around Michigan are fielding an extraordinary rise in the number of calls from corona-weary spouses, hoping to escape their unhappy unions. And Lansing, Michigan is no different – we’ve seen a huge jump in the number of married mid-Michigan folks hoping to call it quits and file for divorce. But what exactly is making their marriages suddenly so unappealing? Well, where do we begin…

Why are divorce rates rising?

Financial strain: 

The lockdown has put an unbelievable strain on people’s finances, shuttering small businesses, forcing people out of their jobs, and damaging the economy in ways that will take decades to recover from. And as you know, money troubles are one of the primary reasons people get divorced here in Ingham County, a fact that was very real long before this current crisis. And the present situation has only highlighted how quickly a relationship can deteriorate in the face of poverty and insolvency.

Too much, too soon: 

Most married couples expect to spend some time together during the average week. In fact, if they hope to keep their relationship in good working order, marriage counselors and relationship experts recommend setting aside at least one evening a week to be together. But the Covid19 outbreak has changed all of that. Forced into lockdown, and working from home (or not working at all) Lansing couples are suddenly finding that they’re unable to escape each other. And the endless one-on-one time is wearing them down. Faced with many more weeks of uninterrupted quarantine before this all ends, many spouses are discovering that the person they married may not be as much fun to be with after all. In fact, they’re pretty darn annoying! (Hence, the rising divorce rates!)

Concentrated stressors:

Certain families face greater challenges in life that force them to rely on outside support systems in order to achieve some sense of normalcy. Families with severely autistic children, or children with complex medical diagnoses. Families who live with elderly relatives that require a lot of care, or foster families caring for children with major traumas and significant behavioral issues. These couples usually rely on support from agencies that aren’t available during this difficult time. When that happens, the stress can become too much for them. Left to navigate their challenging situations without the support they’ve come to rely on, can end up being damaging to their relationships. And in the end, many of those marriages simply don’t survive the stress. Divorce consultations are rising all over Eaton County, Ingham County, and Clinton County. It’s scary. 

Domestic abuse:

As we mentioned earlier, domestic abuse hotlines around Michigan have noted a steep rise in calls from abused spouses. Here in the Lansing area, we’ve also seen a jump in the number of reported cases of domestic assault, as couples are trapped together in their homes and tempers are fraying. This has resulted in a sudden spike in the number of people looking to file Personal Protection Orders, and escape violent spouses once and for all. 

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