Can I Change my Last Name in Michigan When I Get Divorced?

In short, the answer is yes, you can. And many people do. Getting divorced means legally parting ways with your spouse, and there’s no better time to get rid of their name than when you’re standing in court in front of a judge who’ll let you do it as part of the process with no extra fees. Yes, you read that right – no extra fees. But only if you remember to include it in the original divorce complaint!

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If you want to change your name when you get divorced, you should include that information in the original divorce complaint, where you petition the court to make the change. At that point, it becomes part of your divorce process. However, if you don’t remember to include it in the original complaint, you’ll have to wait until after the divorce is finalized and file a new petition for a name change. And as you can imagine, there are fees associated with that second petition. So don’t forget!

What are my options for changing my last name?

For many women, getting divorced is the perfect time to go back to using their maiden name. It’s a way to sever ties with your ex, and make it official that you’re no longer married to that person. But it’s certainly not the only option available to you. You can revert back to using your unmarried name if you want to, but you aren’t limited to only that option. 

You could take a completely new name if you wanted to. And by that we mean any one you’d like. Always wanted to be a Chesterfield, or a Lithgow, or a Montmorensey? Well, now’s your chance. Always had secret aspirations to have a name that sounded a little more genteel, or perhaps a fun rhyming one? Or maybe you’re just trying to get a fresh start in life and want to do it with a completely new name that’s not affiliated with any part of your past? Have at it!

In Michigan, you don’t have to wait for a divorce to change your name.

While a divorce is a pretty common time for embracing a nomenclature change, it’s not the only reason people take the opportunity to change their names. And here in Michigan, you aren’t required to get divorced in order to change your name. In fact, you can change your name at any time for any reason, as long as it’s not a fraudulent one. Which means you can change your name to pretty much anything, and for any reason you like, as long as you’re not doing it to mislead people, or duck out on a debt.

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