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Help! My Ex is Trying to Poison my Child Against me! What Can I do? (Pt 1)

Toxic parenting, which can refer to several different types of emotional abuse inflicted on kids by their parents, also includes the much-misunderstood “parental alienation”. Shaming your kids, blaming them for everything (including things they didn’t do or couldn’t control), and being extremely controlling and critical are all hallmarks of toxic parenting. But the particular poison […]

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Things You Should Never Post on Social Media During Your Divorce! (Pt 1)

Divorces are incredibly hard, and in our ‘living out loud’ culture, it has become second nature to share our struggles with the world. And while we applaud the openness this kind of sharing requires, there are times and places where it’s entirely appropriate, and times and places where it isn’t. Specifically, during your divorce. There […]

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I retained Brandy Thompson after being served with a change of custody motion. On the day of the hearing she was there hours early to review my case and prepare me for my hearing. Brandy made me feel like I was not just a paycheck. She sat by me while the other cases were being heard and took notes while the other attorneys sat together away from their clients. She listened like a friend not like an attorney. My case was dismissed thanks to her knowledge of how the law and how the system works. I would call on Brandy Thompson for any legal issues that i at have in the future and would refer her to anyone that asks.

Robbia on Avvo, 2016

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