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Help! My Ex is Trying to Poison my Child Against me! What Can I do? (Pt 1)

Toxic parenting, which can refer to several different types of emotional abuse inflicted on kids by their parents, also includes the much-misunderstood “parental alienation”. Shaming your kids, blaming them for everything (including things they didn’t do or couldn’t control), and being extremely controlling and critical are all hallmarks of toxic parenting. But the particular poison […]

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I was very nervous beginning this process. I searched for a local attorney online and called a couple places. I decided to schedule an appointment with Cassandra to start. She made me feel so much better about everything. She took the time to really explain things and made sure I understood. For me, there was no need to consult with anyone else. Her vast amount of knowledge and valuable experience along with her caring demeanor made me feel very comfortable and confident I was in good hands. I cannot thank Cassandra enough for her kindness and help through this very difficult decision.

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