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Things You Should Never Post on Social Media During Your Divorce! (Pt 1)

Divorces are incredibly hard, and in our ‘living out loud’ culture, it has become second nature to share our struggles with the world. And while we applaud the openness this kind of sharing requires, there are times and places where it’s entirely appropriate, and times and places where it isn’t. Specifically, during your divorce. There […]

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The Truth About Your Finances After Divorce!

After divorce, it’s pretty common for everyone’s standard of living to go down somewhat, because your finances have to stretch to cover more. For people who are unhappy in their marriages, when they think about getting divorced, they tend to focus on the freedom they’ll have when it’s all over. And that makes sense. After […]

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Should One of us Get The House After The Divorce, or Should we Sell it And Split The Profits?

For most couples, their house is their largest asset and will require some serious deciding when it comes to figuring out how to divide it during a divorce. Getting divorced, especially after a long marriage, means pulling apart two lives that have become inextricably woven together. The memories you’ve shared, the debts you’ve collected, the […]

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Stephanie just finished settling my divorce case. She did an excellent job handling every aspect of the case. When I came to her looking for an attorney, not knowing what was to come, angry and upset, she did excellent job reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. She explained the divorce process, what I could expect over the next few months and outlined the possible outcomes. She was well aware of my financial situation and very limited expendable income and did a great job doing whatever she could to keep my costs down. At times she would even remind me that she is happy to pursue any direction I wanted to go, but the cost involved may not outweigh the outcome. She did an excellent job letting me know where I could do things myself rather than paying the firm to do it as well as provided assistance to make sure I did it in the proper manner. And what was most impressive is a meeting with the ex and her lawyer. Stephanie actually had her phone out pulling up case law and verifying it to make sure the ex and her lawyer didn’t get something over on me. VERY IMPRESSIVE!. If you want an excellent attorney who isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear just to increase the cost for the firm’s benefit, call Stephanie Service.

Brian on Avvo, 2014

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