What Can You do if Your Spouse Thinks You’re Cheating on Them? (Part 2)

Is your spouse always sneaking up on you, trying to catch you in the act of cheating on them?


Welcome back, and thanks for joining us. We’ve been discussing what you can do if your spouse thinks you’re cheating on them. Of course, if you really are cheating, then their suspicions are confirmed and we recommend you end the affair immediately! (Unless you want to end up in divorce court!) For those of you just joining us, we recommend you take a moment to get caught up. Otherwise, the next issue on the list is past infidelities….


Reasons your spouse suspects you, and what you could do about it…


If the issue is past infidelity:

If your spouse is suspicious of you because you’ve had an affair, or been unfaithful in some capacity in the past, well, you can hardly blame them! However, it makes addressing the issue a little more challenging. Even if you aren’t cheating now, you did once before. So their concerns are valid, and obviously they haven’t had a chance to rebuild trust in you yet. You could try these solutions:


  • Give your spouse access to your accounts, and tell them they’re free to check in whenever they feel the need. Email, online gaming, and social media accounts. It’ll be annoying and invasive for a while, but they are far less likely to accuse you when you’ve laid it all out on the table and they can’t find a shred of evidence.


  • Allow your spouse to check your texts when they feel the need. Also invasive and annoying, but it will go a long way towards easing their concerns. Just remember that this is actually illegal in Michigan without permission, so if you are allowing your spouse to check up on you with your phone, you might want to give them permission in writing!


  • Offer to install a GPS tracking device into your phone that would allow your spouse to know where you are when you’re away from home. (Just like checking your texts, this one would be illegal without your permission!) It might feel a little like a prison work release arrangement, but if you’ve got a history of cheating, and you want to rebuild trust with your spouse, this may be the only way to do it!


If the issue is pure paranoia:

Some people will always believe the worst about someone, or about a situation, even if there’s nothing to support that claim, and no history of it happening before. Perhaps, even if you’ve never been unfaithful, and never done anything to cause your spouse to wonder about you, they still assume that every moment spent away from them is spent chasing new partners.


Perhaps this is because they were cheated on by former partners, and they’re now hyper-vigilant and overly suspicious. Maybe one of their parents was a serial cheater, so they assume that all marriages end up that way. Whatever the reason, if you’ve done all you can to be honest, open and transparent, and your spouse still accuses you of cheating when you aren’t, it may be time to move on.


Not all relationships were built to last!


For many married couples, there are ways they can work through the problems that inevitably crop up along the way. Whether it’s heart-to-heart talks, couple’s therapy, or books on how to salvage a failing relationship, many find ways to make it work. But just as many don’t. Why? Because perhaps not every relationship was built to last.


So if you or a loved one have reached the end of your rope in your marriage, and you’re ready to call it quits (with or without any affairs), we’re here to help. Call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled family law attorneys can help you with all of your divorce concerns, including child custody, asset division, and alimony.