Cheating Spouses & Affairs: What You Should Know (Part 2)

In the first installment of this article series on facts about infidelity and cheating, we discussed the first four items on the list of facts about cheating spouses that you should know. In this article we will continue our list.


  1. Most Cheaters Love Their Spouses


Studies show that the majority of people who engage in extramarital affairs don’t hate their spouses, or even want to get divorced. In fact, most still love their partners, which is why they feel bad about cheating and sometimes try to compensate for their guilt by giving their spouse nice gifts and treating them more kindly than they did before the affair began.

  1. Cheaters May Stray To Save Their Marriages


Strange as it may sound, some people cheat on their spouses in order to keep their marriages intact, studies have shown.  Apparently, several marriage therapists and counsellors have noticed this phenomenon, saying that people who love their spouses but don’t know how to solve their marital problems sometimes use affairs to meet needs that aren’t being met at home. This way, they can have what they believe they want and need in life, without having to lose the spouse they care about.

  1. Most People Cheat With Someone They Know


It’s not usually that beautiful stranger across the bar that causes a man to impulsively cheat on his wife, or the handsome man a wife bumps into once at the grocery store. Impulsive, one-crazy-night-with-a-stranger affairs do happen, but there are not the norm. Rather it is a best friend, a co-worker, a PTA parent, or a neighbor that usually fill the role of infidelity partner.


  1. Most Spouses Know About The Affair


Unless a person is extremely careful about their affair, being sure to have no changes in their schedule, no differences in how they treat their spouse, and leave no evidence of any kind, their spouse will figure it out. The catch is, will their spouse acknowledge what they know? Many people choose to believe the best possible scenario, despite evidence to the contrary, simply because they cannot bear to think of their partner straying.


Join us next time, when we will be wrapping up this three part series on information about cheating spouses and their affairs. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!