Cheating Spouses & Affairs: What You Should Know (Part 3)

In part one and two of this series on cheating and facts about infidelity, we discussed the first eight items on our list of facts you should know about extramarital affairs. Moving on, we are going to wrap this up with the last four items on our list. So here goes…


  1. Cheating Can Spice Up The Bedroom


While we are not suggesting that you cheat on your spouse to rekindle that old flame with your partner, the fact remains that for many people, cheating can add spark to their marriage bed. Studies have shown that when someone cheats, the increase in sexual activity has a direct impact on sexual desire. This in turn affects their marriage. So according to experts, if your spouse has a sudden, unexplained increase in their desire, you may want to watch for red flags.


  1. A Marriage Can’t Be Fixed In The Middle Of An Affair


It is completely possible for a marriage to be saved in the wake of an affair. Hard, certainly, but possible. But it’s never going to happen if the affair is still ongoing. It would be the equivalent of trying to save a drowning person without taking them out of the water first. If you want to avoid divorce, and you or your spouse are involved in a sexual relationship with another person, you have to be sure that the affair is over before you can begin ‘marital resuscitation’, as it were.


  1. A Cheater May Miss The Affair When It’s Over


For couples who have recovered from an affair and moved on to rebuild their marriage, one of the things that they will have to face is that cheaters often miss their affairs. This is not to say that they don’t love their spouses, or want to save their marriages, it’s just that cheating is often thrilling and exciting. In the same way that recovering drug addicts have to make their peace with the fact that nothing will ever feel like that high ever again, reformed cheaters will have to accept that they are trading in that pheromone-charged roller coaster ride for something that offers love, stability and companionship. Different, but equally valuable.

  1. An Affair Can Save A Marriage


We are not suggesting that if your marriage is struggling you should rush out and have an affair in an effort to save it. Because the opposite result is usually the more common one. But a little known fact about affairs is that sometimes they can help a person to remember exactly what they want in a partner, and why they chose their spouse to begin with.


We hope this list was helpful and informative for you. But just remember, in the event that your affair, or your spouse’s affair, doesn’t end with reconciliation but rather leads to a divorce, we are here to help you pick up the pieces and start over on a new journey.