Contemplating Your Choices: 10 things to do when divorce is on the table 

The decision on whether or not to get divorced is sometimes even more difficult than the one you make when you decide to get married. Divorces here in Michigan can be ugly. Divorce happens after you build a life with someone for many years; usually commingling  finances, maybe bringing kids into the world, and sharing some of life’s most vulnerable moments. It was supposed to be forever. We totally get it. 

For some, it can take time to decide whether or not to divorce. For others, it is a more straightforward choice. 

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Our experience representing Michigan clients from Grand Rapids to Lansing to Detroit  as they navigate divorce has informed this list of ten things you have to if you are thinking about getting a divorce

10 Helpful Tips If You Are Considering Divorce

  1. Make a personalized budget 

What expenses do you currently pay for? What does your spouse cover? To get the best picture of your financial situation, make sure to make a running budget that you can add to or subtract from. Divorce can be costly, both emotionally and financially. 

  1. Reduce unnecessary expenses

Doordash and Uber Eats subscriptions? Disney + and Netflix? Reducing some of your unnecessary expenses will free up money in your budget and allow you to SAVE! Remember that running two households is going to be more expensive that one household. 

  1. Save money

Going from a two-spouse house to a single household can be financially draining even without factoring in the probable legal expenses that come with divorce. Starting to save money is never a bad idea, but is especially important when you are contemplating divorce. 

  1. Stay off social media!

Complaining about your spouse on social media or voicing your thoughts on a possible divorce won’t help the situation. It is best to keep your decision private or among trusted friends or family. If your posting isn’t something you’d want a judge to see, don’t post it according to our family law attorneys. 

  1. Keep the kids out of it!

Just like getting married, getting divorced is an adult-only decision. While you are considering divorce, make sure you seek out safe adults to speak with. It is best to wait to tell children until you have made up your mind and have decided on divorce. 

  1. Gather important documents 

Financial statements, estate planning documents, passports, and the like! It is important to gather and inventory your important documents in order to have an idea of what may need to change if you decide to divorce. It is also a good idea to make copies of those documents and store them in a safe location outside the marital home. 

  1. Take time to relax and reflect

Caring for yourself while making difficult decisions is vitally important. By taking care of your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs, you will be able to make the best decision possible given your unique circumstances. 

  1. Take well-intentioned advice with a grain of salt 

People talk too much! Friends or family that have gone through divorce may offer their opinion or advice. Recognize that all couples, and all divorces, are unique. There are often shared experiences, but they are never identical. Divorce lawyers are accustomed to clients that don’t yet understand that every case is unique and that things like child support, alimony, attorney fees and dividing retirement funds vary a lot from case to case. 

  1. Try to keep communication open and respectful  

Keeping communication open and respectful with your spouse will help you to feel comfortable bringing up the topic of divorce or finding ways to make your relationship work. Some couples decide to go to divorce counseling together. 

  1.  Hire an experienced Michigan divorce attorney! 

The more you know, the better. When you hire an experienced Michigan divorce attorney, you can be confident that your questions will be professionally answered by a team of experts dedicated to making this decision as easy as possible for you. Ideally you want a law firm that has decades of experience, knowledge of the courts and the judges where your case will be filed, and a firm that is well respected in the legal community. 

The Kronzek Firm can help you navigate your decision to divorce!

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