Crowdfunding Your Divorce: Is That Even Possible?

Need to raise money for your daughter’s surgery? GoFundMe is perfect. Want to help your nephew’s latest garage band? PledgeMusic is where you go. Looking to get support for a new business venture? Kickstarter is your best bet. But what if you’re getting divorced and don’t have the money to pay your attorney’s fees? Don’t worry – as it turns out, there’s a crowdfunding site for that as well.


Plumfund, like most other crowdfunding sites, allows you to create a page for just about anything. Weddings, medical needs, graduations and just about anything else you may need to raise money for. But what sets Plumfund a cut above the rest when it comes to marital dissolution, is that they have a special category entitled Divorce Registry, which allows friends and family to support a loved one going through a divorce.


According to their Divorce Registry page, the funds you collect could be used for furniture for your new home, general living expenses, legal fees, child custody, and attorney’s fees, among others. After all, none of those items are cheap, and many newly divorced people are making the transition from two incomes to one which means that they are going to need help.


It may seem like a strange concept to ask others to chip in on your divorce costs. In fact, there is still enough of a stigma surrounding divorce, and a failing marriage is still considered by many to be a “private problem”, and so people often assume others may think poorly of them. For this reason, they may be reluctant to ask for help during this time, or even talk openly about what they are going through.


But the truth is, divorce is a very common, and a very every-day problem. You have only to look at the statistics to know – more than half of marriages end in divorce these days. People going through a divorce are, more than ever, in need of support and help from their loved ones. Divorce is an emotionally turbulent, not to mention expensive, process.  Reaching out and asking for help, whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or a little cash to help you get back on your feet, is a necessary part of the healing process.


Plumfund offers you that ability. A way to reach out to people, explain what you are going through and how much help you need, without having to single people out and ask them for money face-to-face. This allows people to reach out and assist you if they are able, and to graciously decline if they are not, without anyone feeling awkward or cornered.


So while it may seem a little strange, we believe that this can be a really good idea. Not only will it allow a person involved in a divorce to find the financial support that they need during a stressful time, but it also helps to promote financial responsibility and awareness for those who are faced with fiscal difficulties.  The Attorneys at The Kronzek Firm PLC also want you to remember that client information is held in the strictest of confidence. Regardless of who may have assisted in paying for your legal fees, Attorney/Client Confidentiality prevents any information about your divorce from being shared with anyone else.