My Spouse is Hiding Money

The Kronzek Firm 

Have you recently felt as though there are more secrets in your household? Wondering what happened to the contents of the family coin jar? Where is all our money going?

Suspicious behavior, out-of-the-ordinary purchases, and sudden insistence on frugality are red flags of a partner trying to hide money from you. Our divorce lawyers have recently handled several cases around Ingham County where spouses have not disclosed hidden assets and worse, they have intentionally hidden money or other assets. . 

Hiding Money Could Mean Other Vices At Play 

If you feel like your spouse is suddenly acting strange when talking about finances, you may have a problem on your hands. This is especially true if there is a history of addiction: drugs, alcohol, porn, gambling, or anything else.

Even if there isn’t an addiction problem, a spouse hiding money could mean divorce is on the horizon. You need support and guidance to help you determine the full story. Oftentimes, a divorce is already in the works, and a spouse is hiding assets to get around Michigan law concerning a fair division of marital assets!

Your Spouse Could Be Trying To Get Around Law Requiring Full Disclosure

Our Michigan  laws about marital property division are the same whether you are in Lansing, Holt, Dewitt, Howell, or Haslett. Michigan is known as an “equitable distribution state” where assets are divided by the court between divorcing parties as fairly as possible. 

In many respects, we operate like a community property state. If your spouse is thinking about divorce, your spouse might try to squirrel money away to be better off in the months and years after the divorce is final. While they might think they are being clever, this is a really bad idea. Why? Well for one, aggressive divorce lawyers are experienced in figuring whether there are assets missing. If we determine that things don’t look quite right, we dig deeper. When specialized expertise is required, we can bring in private investigators, forensic accountants and auditors. Over the decades, we have successfully done that quite often. Another reason hiding assets is a horrible idea is that frankly, it gets judges really, really pissed off! Your spouse might not realize that even a couple of months after your divorce is final, if hidden assets are found, the judge might reopen the case and take 100% of those hidden assets and award them to the other spouse that didn’t hide assets. Hiding assets or hiding income isn’t anything new. People have been doing that for years. But people have been getting caught at it for years. Just when they think they’ve come up with some clever way to cheat their spouse out of something in their property division case, they get nailed. Just ask some of the inmates in federal prisons about hiding income or assets from the IRS. Yup, it’s not that difficult to get busted. Our divorce attorneys understand how to do that.  

Keeping Secrets is Damaging to Relationships 

Keeping secrets can harm your sense of security and can undermine the integrity of your marriage. If your spouse’s spending habits have radically changed or if he/she suddenly tries to change the subject when you ask about family finances, your spouse could be hiding money from you. Your spouse could be hiding money for lots of reasons, but most frequently, it is because they are preparing for a divorce. If you are already involved in a divorce case and you have reason to suspect there are hidden assets or hidden income, it’s important that you talk with your divorce attorney right away. 

Having a great family law or divorce attorney can help make sure that your interests are protected as you investigate your spouse’s hidden assets and strange behavior. 

Need Assistance Dealing With This Strange and Sudden Behavior?

Our attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have seen it all. We are well versed in handling matters where dishonest spouses try to hide income, investments or marital assets. We know the law, and we are not afraid to use it to defend the interests of our clients! We serve individuals in family law and divorce cases all around the state. Call us today for your free initial consultation! The Kronzek Firm is just a phone call away by calling 517-886-1000. We’ve been strategically helping spouses in Michigan for decades!