Holiday Headaches: Post-Divorce Parenting Around the Holidays

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The holiday season means traditions, celebrations, snowfall here in Michigan and family time. But what happens after divorce? Who does your child get to spend the special days with? 

All across Michigan, from Lansing to Holt to Dewitt, families struggle with how to celebrate the holidays after divorce. The holidays can be lonelier and the conflicts between divorced parents and their families can spell trouble not only for the parents and families, but especially for the children. . 

Presents? Parenting Time? Possible Solutions!

Some Michigan kids of divorced parents will say that they are thankful that they get to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah twice because they think they get more presents! But for parents, this can be a difficult burden to bear following divorce. The last thing you want it the two parents competing for the children’s affection by getting them better gifts or more holiday gifts. 

  1. MAKE A PLAN! Whether you are recently divorced or this is your tenth year apart, the holidays can make ill feelings surface. When you plan ahead, the holidays will be jollier for all involved.

Remember that the calendar can be adjusted. If your ex gets your kids on the “real” holiday date, just make a “special” holiday at your home. Make sure you and your ex know the plan way in advance, so that the your kids know what to expect and you can plan to make the best out of the holidays for everyone.

  1. NEW TRADITIONS! Most importantly, holidays after divorce will look different than holidays before the divorce. It is a great time to make new traditions with your kids to celebrate your time together. These traditions don’t have to be big and elaborate, just make them your own! Remember that making memories for your kids is the main focus. 
  1. UPSET WITH THE OUTCOME? Sometimes you will be disappointed with the arrangements during the holidays. It is ok to feel that way. It is important to practice self-care and do something relaxing for yourself. Reach out to your friends, spend time with your extended family, or take your dog on extra walks. Holiday time in Michigan is wonderful. 

Still can’t shake that feeling that things are unfair? If you feel like the option is to make adjustments to your custody or parenting time plan, speaking with an experienced family law attorney can help. Our divorce and custody attorneys have been helping clients since the last century. 

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