How Divorce Can Actually Be Healthy For You!

Woman stretching on pier
New research is showing that divorced people can lead happy, healthy lives!

I have a friend who was recently divorced. Having known her for years, and knowing the history of her marriage, I couldn’t be happier for her that she is finally free. But here is the catch – so is she!

The stigma of the sad, lonely divorcee, facing the struggles of parenting alone amidst an onslaught of health issues, has finally been proven false. While former research tended to promote the idea that divorced people suffered a greater number of health problems like cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, new research is shedding new light on this area. And crying foul.

A new study, conducted by researchers at University College London, now has evidence to support the fact that divorced people, in particular those who remarried, are no more likely to suffer health problems than people still in their first marriage. There is even evidence to suggest that divorce can positively affect one’s health. For example, men who got divorced in their late 30’s but chose not to remarry, actually showed lower rates of diabetes and other similar conditions, than married men.

Another interesting finding is the fact that cohabitation, not marriage, was the factor that had the greatest impact on a person’s health.

According to the results of the study, unmarried couples who lived together in the long-term were found to have almost identical health levels to those of long-term married couples. This fact was backed up by findings which proved that unmarried people who lived without a partner were actually the people who seemed to suffer the worst health.

Parting ways with a spouse to whom you have been unhappily married, will provide you with an opportunity to start over. To focus on finding yourself and pursuing your dreams, making a life that you will enjoy living. As I can tell, simply by looking at my recently divorced friend, the freedom that comes after one is finally released from a deeply unhappy and unfulfilling marriage can be your ticket to a new and wonderful life.

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