Divorce is Divorce, Regardless of Your Spouse’s Gender!

A gay couple walking together, hand in hand, across a field.
When a marriage fails, and a couple calls it quits, the gender of their spouse shouldn’t determine the type of lawyer they have to hire.

If you’re a heterosexual person and you’re reading this, then we’d like to ask you to stop for a moment and consider something. When you introduce yourself to new people, do you ever stop to wonder if they think you might be straight? Probably not. In fact, your sexuality (and your spouse’s gender) probably doesn’t come up much in your everyday dealings with people. Why? Because being heterosexual is the norm, and we don’t tend to give much thought to it unless the subject happens to come up. Gay people, on the other hand, are often pigeonholed by their sexuality, which affects both their marriages and divorces.

Being defined by your spouse’s gender is very frustrating

When a straight person wants to get divorced, they google “divorce lawyers near me” or “family law attorneys in my county” and see what comes up. Shouldn’t a gay person be able to do the same? And yet there are loads of people who seem to think that gay divorce needs to be handled by an attorney who specializes in “gay family law issues”. As if the concerns of a standard divorce between two people would somehow be vastly different if those people happen to have the same gender. It doesn’t.

The law is the law, regardless of your spouse’s gender.

When two people get divorced, Michigan law is clear on how that subject needs to be addressed. Issues like custody, alimony, child support and asset division all have to be handled a certain way. Sure, sometimes case law can affect an outcome, and in any situation where a judge is making a decision on behalf of the court, the outcome is likely to be affected by that judge’s opinion. But the gender of the people involved shouldn’t, and doesn’t make any difference. 

Our clients would rather not be defined by the gender of their spouses.

When our clients come in looking to discuss divorce, we don’t pull out our “gay divorce law” book for those of them with same-sex clients. Why? Because it doesn’t exist. Divorce is divorce, no matter what gender you and your spouse are. So if you’re gay (or straight!) and married, you’re looking to start over, don’t feel that you have to search out an attorney who specializes in “gay divorce” (or any other kind of non-existant subcategory of Michigan family law. Just come and talk to us. We handle divorce. Because there really is only one kind of divorce.

Here at The Kronzek Firm, our attorneys treat ALL our clients the same way

Whether you’re gay or straight (or some other gender identity not included in that shortlist), black or white (or Asian, or Native American, or any other ethnic or racial identity), come in and talk to our highly skilled and experienced divorce attorneys. We treat every client as a valued member of the team and approach every divorce as if it were our own. Life is already hard enough without having to complicate it further by attaching unnecessary labels to things. If you need help with your divorce, call 866 766 5245. We’re here to help, whoever you are.