Divorce With a Newborn Baby: What Do I Do? (Pt 3)

Having a newborn baby when you get divorced means you’ll have unique challenges to face!


Welcome back. So far in this series on divorce with a newborn baby, we’ve discussed the challenges divorcing parents face when it comes to custody and child support. However, in this last installment we’d like to address an issue that’s unique to the parents of many newborns – breastfeeding.


Not every mom chooses to, or is able to, breastfeed her baby.


Breastfeeding is a choice that many moms make because breast milk offers many benefits to a developing newborn. In addition to the antibodies found in breastmilk that help babies fight off viruses and bacteria, breastfeeding also lowers a baby’s risk of having asthma or allergies in the future.


However, not every mom chooses to, or is able to breastfeed. In those cases formula offers a nutritious alternative for moms who work  and can’t pump, moms with certain medical conditions, and moms who simply choose not to. However, for moms who do want to breastfeed their babies, but are involved in a divorce, there are some logistics issues you’ll need to address.


Custody arrangements can affect breastfeeding plans.


Breastfeeding can’t be put off due to scheduling conflicts. If a mom wants to continue breastfeeding, she either needs to be able to nurse her baby regularly, or she needs to be able to pump. Not nursing or pumping decreases milk flow, and can result in milk supplies drying up completely.


So if you’re a nursing mom, and your custody arrangement is likely to include a few days and/or nights away from your baby, make sure to pump whenever you can. Also, discuss with your attorneys any breastfeeding-related concerns you may have about your spouse. For example, whether or not the baby’s dad is bottle-feeding your breastmilk to your baby during visitation (if that’s your preference). Sometimes what and how a baby is fed, can be included in the custody agreement.


Divorce is very hard. It’s often harder with a newborn!


Getting divorced is challenging, but ending your marriage so soon after you’ve had a baby is a very unique situation for parents. Babies require a lot of care. So figuring out what’s best for them, and what you need to do to ensure that all of their needs are met while also trying to work through a divorce can be extremely challenging.

But you don’t have to do it alone. At The Kronzek Firm our skilled family law attorneys can help you with every aspect of this process, from custody and child support, to alimony and asset division, we’ve got you covered. So call us today at 866 766 5245, and get the help you need.