Do Chronic and Terminal Illnesses Increase Your Chances of Getting Divorced? (Pt 1)

Treating chronic illnesses can take a serious toll on a marriage, and in many cases, the stress can destroy a relationship.

It sounds like a brutal subject. Because it is. People don’t like to talk about the fact that “in sickness and in health” usually means “in health, but once you get really sick I may not stick it out.” Why? Because it sounds awful, and there’s a lot of guilt attached to marriages that fail because of illness. However, the stats reveal that it’s very much a reality. People who battle chronic, and even terminal illnesses, have a much higher chance of getting divorced. So let’s take a look at why that is.

Have you ever cared for a really sick person before?

Have you ever taken care of someone who is battling illness? Even if it was one of your kids, and only for a few days, you can picture the situation clearly in your head. It was exhausting, wasn’t it? And stressful. You probably had to cancel plans, or couldn’t do what you wanted because caring for someone whose illness is practically a full-time job. You lose sleep, do double the amount of housework, and spend hours sitting in the waiting room of your local urgent care. It wasn’t any fun, right?

Now picture that being your whole life…

Every day. For the rest of your adult life. Can you imagine it? Having to be the primary breadwinner because your spouse is too sick to work. Plus, you have to do the lion’s share of the chores and domestic duties, because your spouse is too sick to do much at home either. Then there’s the moneyyou earn it about as fast as their illness consumes it. Copays on doctor’s visits, expensive treatments, and meds that aren’t covered by insurance – they add up quickly. And don’t forget the time involved. Whether it’s waiting in an endless parade of specialists offices, sitting beside a hospital bed, or driving to and from appointments, the time commitment is massive. Could you do it?

Could you live that life for day after day, year after year?

We know that love conquers all, but the fact of the matter is that living with a spouse who battles a chronic illness, whether it’s a mental illness or a physical one, is a massive commitment. And according to the data, it’s a commitment that many people simply aren’t willing to make. Or, they’re initially willing to make it, but as the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years, they realize it’s more than they can handle. And they end up bowing out in an effort to salvage their own sanity.

Many marriages fail when chronic illness is a factor

There’s some very interesting research on how illness affects marriages that we’d like to share with you next time, so be sure to join us again for the wrap up of this discussion. But till then, if you or a loved one are considering getting divorced in Michigan, regardless of what the reason may be, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our skilled family law attorneys can help you with every aspect of the process, from custody and alimony to child support and division of assets.