Does a Prenuptial Agreement Hurt Your Marriage, or Help it? (Pt 2)

Figuring out who has to pay what can be confusing! But a prenup can help you be better prepared.


Welcome back! We’ve been talking about whether or not prenuptial agreements are harmful to marriage relationships, or are helpful. In truth, there are a lot of opinions floating around out there, and many people have some well thought out ideas on both sides of the argument. So we’d like to share a few thoughts with you on the subject, and let you make an informed choice for yourself.


Prenups can save you a major headache!


As experienced family law attorneys, we’ve helped MANY people through divorces where there was no prenuptial agreement. In each and every one of those cases we’ve wished the couple had taken the time to create one. Having a prenuptial agreement, in almost every divorce, reduces fighting, establishes reasonable expectations, and helps to make the division of assets and debt much easier.


It has to be done properly.


One thing you need to remember though – a prenuptial agreement must be properly drafted to have any chance of it being enforced. In many cases prenups are set aside during divorces because they weren’t properly written, or aren’t enforceable because they’re not considered fair and equitable by the court. The best way to give your prenup a chance in court, is to make sure it’s drawn up by a highly experienced family law attorney.


You might not believe that you need one.


If you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “Me and my sweetie pie don’t need a prenup because we’re in love and we’ll never get divorced!” please know that every person we’ve ever helped with their divorce felt the same way at one point. Especially the ones with no prenup. And we can’t begin to tell you how often we’ve heard the words, “I didn’t think we’d need one! I never planned to get divorced! If only I’d known….


Preparing for a possible divorce is extremely hard!


So if you’re thinking about getting married, then we completely understand that you probably aren’t’ thinking about divorce. However, reality being what it is, you need to know that more than half of marriages end in divorce, so (on the off chance that yours is one of them) wouldn’t it make more sense to be prepared? You know the saying, “better safe than sorry”? Well, we couldn’t agree more!


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