Fact or Fiction: Divorce Spikes in January

From September to December, all across Michigan, people are celebrating holidays, traditions, and time together. For some couples, all this “together time” can spell trouble for their relationship. Many law firms note the uptick in divorce cases being filed following the holiday season. But why is there this trend happening here in Ingham and Clinton County, Michigan?

For some, January is the start of something new

In a month abound with New Year’s resolutions, many people want to start their lives afresh. Without the baggage of the previous year, a spouse can regain their sense of self and start living independently. However true this may be, the biggest reason for a perceived uptick in divorces in January is likely due to the slower business in November and December. As we rebound from the pandemic, divorce attorneys are busier than usual right now. 

You’re not alone if you are thinking about divorce

Many people decide to put a pause on their divorce plans during the hectic holiday season. If there are kids in the family, this is one major reason why many Michigan couples wait until after the holidays to file for divorce. Right after the beginning of the new year, family law attorneys get very busy helping new clients. 

Divorces happen at all times during the year, and they tend to peak during economic crises, natural disasters, or other traumatic experiences. In Michigan and elsewhere, getting a divorce is a deeply personal choice and expert advice can help you make the best decision for your family. 

The Kronzek Firm can help you with your divorce.

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